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Love between OHOT and our Trippers

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Often I hear people saying , “I have trust issues”, or “Oh I have learned not to trust people anymore”. Its the exact opposite of what I believe in, have experienced in all these years.

Three days back, someone emailed my team asking for our address. The next day we received a delivery. A cake & a little note in the box. The person had read about Gurez Valley on our website, visited the place and fallen in love with Gurez. She was so happy she sent us a cake and that note. She hasn’t even booked a trip with us! She just read an article, and felt she should give us something. It stunned me.

Every other day, I receive a sweet message. Yesterday, someone texted, “Can you prepone the Meghalaya trip you are leading in Oct, to Sept? I’m getting married in November and would like to do a trip with you before that.” I spoke to her and she told me she had been cancelling all the trip options she was getting everywhere, cos she had decided to do a trip with me.

Another person texted saying, “My daughter’s turning 18 next year and I have told her that she can go on her first solo trip, but only if Nero’s leading it.” She hasn’t travelled with me ever herself, so I don’t know why she has so much faith in me to send her daughter with me.

In Meghalaya, one day when we reached the Ziplining point, it was closed cos it was Good Friday. The trip was ending the next day, so it was no longer possible to do it in the same trip. In these situations, its easy for someone to feel bitter or crib saying “Why did the team not know this earlier”. But all the trippers kept dancing on the road, as I busily made some calls to check what else we could do that day. When I later walked to them to share a few options, they said “Nero you decide. We know wherever you take us will be beautiful”. I was speechless at that. We went to this unexplored waterfall and had an amazing time.

People ask me if I feel pressure when so many confide their emotions with me, or have high expectations. No, I don’t. When a person feels trusted, when one receives love, unconditional faith & warmth, all I feel is a huge sense of happiness.

Thank you everyone.

P.s Pics of the cake and note shared 😉

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Neeraj Narayanan

Neeraj Narayanan, a.k.a Captain Nero, is the founder of OHOT. In the summer of 2013, he quit his corporate job and went backpacking around the world. In a year full of (mis)adventures, he ended up being chased by a bear in a Croatian forest, being held at gunpoint by a mafia gang lord in Turkey, running with the bulls in Spain, and dancing in the clubs of Spain and Italy. A year later, he started leading group trips for people.

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