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The story so far…

In the summer of 2013, Neeraj Narayanan quit his corporate job to travel the world. After a year of wanderings and adventures, buoyed by a loyal audience that followed his stories around the world, he started leading group trips under the banner “This Guy’s On His Own Trip”. This, the brand’s Facebook page name, seemed too long, so the brand name was shortened to On His Own Trip or OHOT.

Along the journey, Neeraj became Captain Nero, happy trips were led, a thousand friends were made, a few of whom became a part of the brand as trip leaders.

Our trips are about a lot more than just seeing a place. There is a strong emphasis on bonding. Even though the trips are professionally organized, the ambience we create resembles a group of friends travelling together. Many hotel managers, agents are non plussed when they see our groups and can’t believe they are a bunch of strangers who just met two three days back on the trip. We are used to Bollywood-esque airport scenes with trippers getting emotional, not wanting to go back, tickets being rescheduled and in some cases trips being extended 😉

Join us

If you love adventure

If you have a love for nature and for exploring virgin, offbeat, beautiful trails

If you aren’t just interested in ticking off and running from one sightseeing point to another in your trip, and want to feel and absorb the places you are in

If your Euro tripping isn’t just about capital cities, but also about exploring countrysides

If you want to make new friends, have great conversations, spend nights under starry skies, and lying on beaches

If you want to hang out with the coolest trip leaders in the country​

Welcome to the world of OHOT. By June 2022, we would have completed eight successful years of leading mad, fun, unconventional, millenial group trips across Ladakh, Kashmir, North East India, Maharashtra, Kerala,  South East Asia and Europe and we will soon be expanding our trips to Africa and South America as well.

Join us on one, and be part of our story and a part of our family!