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5 Fun Things to Do in Bali

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Bali is an Indonesian island that everyone should visit at least once in their lives! The island is full of surprises, from its abundant animals to its prominent temples, and will satisfy all of your adventure demands. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when looking for entertaining and interesting things to do in Bali. These stops will let you catch a peek of Bali’s pulsating heart, whether you’re a resident who realizes you haven’t thoroughly explored the island or a first-time visitor looking for adventure and unexpected things to do.

Discover UNESCO classified Jatiluwih rice terrace

The terraces cover a substantial area; over 600 hectares of rice fields follow the flowing hillside topography of the Batukaru mountain range in the Jatiluwih rice terraces. Traditional water management organisations dating back to the 9th century keep these in good shape!

You’ll be able to explore various parts of the terraces, jump over rivers, and even enjoy a delicious meal on the terraces. The Jatiluwih Rice Terraces are located 850 metres above sea level and offer a stunning vista of contoured rice terraces.

Rice Field Trekking is one of the things to do in Jatiluwih that you should not miss. Hiking through the rice fields while breathing the pure Jatiluwih air is a great way to cleanse your mind. If you are not up for trekking, Biking in Jatiluwih is also a great opportunity to take in the stunning beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Yeh Ho Waterfall here is a small, hidden waterfall. It’s merely a short walk down the steps and an easy hike up. The waterfall is divided into two sections: the main waterfall and a separate area for bathers. The water is chilly and refreshing, making it ideal for cooling off after a long hike! Simply take in the quiet and unspoiled nature.

You may explore little towns and learn how the natives live, as well as witness spectacular dawn. You will only hear the sounds of nature, such as birds and crickets while enjoying this beautiful moment.

Horse riding in Canggu

Enjoy a horseback ride along the beach while watching the sunrise. Enjoy the fresh morning air with a nice and joyful groom. The riding experience will be thrilling and entertaining. Canguu offers a thrilling ride amid volcanic beaches and smashing waves. Pass by local temples and onto the vast sandy beach, with Nusa Penida Island and the silhouette of the famous Gunung Agung volcano in the distance, for a unique view at Balinese life. Go places only a horse can take you…

You have the option to preserve your priceless romantic moments by spending an hour on the gorgeous beach with a graceful horse. Ensure that the photographer captures images of you and your loving relationship from every conceivable angle so that you and your companion look picture perfect.

You can also introduce your kid to the world of horse riding by getting him or her lessons on horse care and riding.

Join the elephants for their morning bath

Bali has joined up to provide you incredible live views of the Mason Elephant Park & Lodge in Taro, near Ubud, Bali’s only dedicated elephant rescue park. You may now watch these incredible live streaming images of elephants in this tropical paradise’s lush gardens.

As the elephants take you for a morning dip in their bathing lake, you will have an unforgettable experience. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride atop the elephants bareback as they romp and play, splash and dunk in their bathing lake, one of their favorite daily routines. In a stunning and personal setting, wash, caress, feed, and engage with the elephants. Enjoy a gourmet breakfast in the café overlooking the lake while the elephants soak up and dry off in the morning sunshine, then see the elephant performance and embark on a safari through Taro’s lush jungle.

Taste awesome chocolate at Pod Chocolate Factory and Café

In Ubud, Bali, the Pod Business is a small artisan chocolate factory. A must-see attraction for anyone interested in seeing chocolate being prepared from bean to bar. They make chocolate in the centre of the rice paddies at Carang Sari, on the tropical island of Bali.

Their bamboo store and café are located in front of a world-class artisan chocolate factory, which combines contemporary European machines with highly qualified chocolatiers to create amazing chocolate. They make a variety of creamy and dark chocolates, as well as excellent chocolate drinks and home-roasted coffee, by combining technology and tradition. As you enter our lovely facility, breathe in the aroma of freshly roasted beans and chocolate. Try your hand at Fresh Chocolate Making, where you may create your own chocolate bar to take home in a lovely gift box with a reusable chocolate mould. It’s the ideal Bali keepsake, with a variety of ingredients and gift boxes to choose from!!

Learn Mepantigan martial art in the mud

Have you heard of Mepantigan before? This one-of-a-kind type of Balinese cultural games in rice paddies is incredibly natural and harmonious. The concept of honouring the rice goddess “Dewi Sri.” This exercise is both safe and enjoyable. There’s no need to be concerned about getting wounded. All are in good health and harmony.

Mepantigan is a Balinese martial art, fire dance, theatre, and music performance. Participants must master suitable strategies for attacking, pinning down their opponents, and falling safely before entering the sludge. Furthermore, experts have discovered something that youngsters have long known: mud play helps improve one’s mood.

Fun mud wrestling, love and kiss duck, mud tug of war, Kecak Body Painting with Papua dance, in the Mud with mud music, Balinese Gamelan, and dancing are some of the Balinese games. Finally, a special topping is Mud massage, mud sauna, mud massage body scrub with coffee, and then Mud Coffee. You’ll also get to wear a traditional “Tridatu” sarong.

Add distinctive Balinese Traditional Archery to the activity, which is completely safe. The arrows we used were not sharp; instead, they utilise arrows with a softball at the edge, rather than a sharp edge. It will demonstrate some fundamental classical archery moves and, of course, you will have the opportunity to shoot the targets!

We hope you’ve liked this collection of enjoyable Bali activities. Sometimes doing unusual things is what one needs to do in life. So don’t wait up, add up these things in your Bali bucket list!!

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