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Vegetarian Food in ladakh!

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We have all heard about Leh Ladakh and its majestic landscape beauty. But do you know what are the famous vegetarian dishes of Ladakh? Is the answer NO? Thought so. On His Own Trip conducts group trips for friends, families and couples to Ladakh. The whole package holds a lot more than just a road trip to impressive landscapes. And yes, it includes delicious vegetarian food too.

Thupka In Ladakh

Let us show you what Ladakh has to offer other than momos with its scenic beauty.

Butter Tea

Has the harsh weather conditions of Ladakh affecting your lips and skin? We have got a perfect remedy for you, butter tea. Locally known as Gur-Gur Chai, Po-cha, and Noon and is one of the most famous beverages on the Leh-Ladakh trip. This drink is prepared from the Yak dairy and a type of aromatic Tibetan tea leaves.

Constant consumption of this tea keeps your lip and skin moisturized, in the harsh Leh weather.

Apricot Jam

It is often said that do what the best you can do with whatever you have, and it was done here. Chulli or Ladakhi apricot, the commercial fruit, present in abundance here lead to a very delicious Jam. This jam or chutney is enjoyed with baked roti.


When there is a mention of vegetarian cuisine, how can one forget the saag. Ladakh has its own mouth watering variation to the leafy Spinach with a perfect balance of spices. It is cooked in mustard oil with red chilies, garlic cloves and butter. Served at every household in Ladakh with rice or chapati


It might be a little bit difficult to pronounce but trust us, the taste of veggies and a warm sip of this soup is worth the efforts. This thumb sized dumplings filled with vegetables are served with a rich soup. Its milk based version is also available to those who does not like savory food.


Who doesn’t enjoy a chunk of fluffy bread with hot stew. Tingmo or teemo is a fermented steamed roti baked in oven. You can munch on it as a snack or have it with your meal, it will surely fulfill all your crusty cravings.


Ever heard of it? Maybe.

Ever tried it? No. It’s a shame that you are deprived of the staple food of Ladakh. This lovely dish is made by adding noodles to a clear soup with or without vegetables. Make sure to try it with us on our group trip.


Oh how can we forget it. Ladakh aakar momos nahi khaya to kya kiya.We all love this small delicacy stuffed with vegetables whether it is fried or steamed. It is a popular street food of Ladakh and star of every festive occasion in the valley.


Another bread! So this one is for the health conscious ones. A thick crust whole wheat brown bread served fresh in the breakfast. After all breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It works best with butter tea and hot veggie stew.

khambir ladakh


Hmm so something looks missing? How can a list of foods end without the mention of dessert. Let us end this appetizing list with a flavoursome rice pudding made of boiled rice, vermicelli, milk and sugar garnished with dry fruits and pistachios, served in kulhaad. Now who can resist this?

phirni in Ladakh

So here was your food bucket list for your customized trip to Ladakh arranged by On His Own Trip. Hope you join us soon on this delectable journey of awesome food and of course the mesmerizing beauty.

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