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Things To Carry: Tawang October 2021

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Joining us for our October trip to the tremendously gorgeous Tawang? We’re mighty excited to have you along! While we eagerly look forward to our fun in the mountains, its also important to be well prepared to keep ourselves absolutely warm for our  trip.

Covid-19 Compliance

1. Covid-19 RT PCR negative certificate: As mentioned before, each individual joining us for this trip will have to undergo a Covid-19 RT PCR test. The negative result of the test, dated not earlier than 72 hours before the day we enter Arunachal (i.e. 12th September), shall have to be carried along for the trip (Digital Copy). Ideally you would have gotten tested on the 9th and the RT PCR report would be valid for entering Assam when you land at Guwahati. However, we are entering Arunachal from Assam on the 12th and the state of Arunachal requires a report not later than 72 hours upon your entry.

Thus, please get tested as early as possible on 10th September morning so that you have your report by the time you land and the same remains valid for the next day as well. We recommend booking a slot and confirming with your local lab in advance about how long they’d take. This report has to be emailed to us asap on [email protected] It’s a must, and no one will be allowed to join the trip if they have not submitted the certificate.

2. Double Vaccination Certificates: In case you have had both doses of your vaccine, you can send that to us and will not need to send across a covid negative test result. However, if you have had only one vaccine dose then you will still have to get the covid test done for the safety of the entire group and this is compulsory. Kindly, email these double vaccination certificates to us at the earliest in case you haven’t sent them across already.

3. Airport requirements: Guwahati airport requires you to present an RT PCR test report upon landing or showing both your vaccine certificates, so, this measure will come in handy there too. As for flying back into your home cities here are the state wise guidelines https://www.goindigo.in/information/state-regulations.html. Please note that these get updated periodically, so, I advice you to get in touch with your airline to confirm what you need to do at the time of flying back. Most airports have a rapid test option available but please confirm to be doubly sure.

4.Carry a Covid Preventive Kit: A personal sanitizer, face masks and gloves. Do carry a small first aid kit. I will be carrying a first aid kit myself, but it helps if you are carrying one too. It is also advisable to invest in a PPE kit if you are taking a flight. A surface disinfectant is recommended too.

Expected Temperatures

Guwahati – 34 to 27°

Dirang – 22 to 13°

Tawang – 18 to 9°

Sela Pass – 10 to 2°

Bum La Pass – 10 to 2°

Bomdila – 17 to 11°

Temperatures are sunny/pleasant during the day and relatively colder at nights. Bum La Pass and Sela Pass can touch even 1 degree but those are just day visits, so, one heavy jacket shall suffice.
Here is a check list and how to be well prepared for the trip
1) Wear layers. It’s always better than wearing one thick jacket. Carry 2 sweatshirts that you can keep handy on most days and wear above your T shirts as most locations will be more pleasant than cold. If you are prone to feeling cold easily, carry 2 sweaters too. This is subjective as to how cold you feel as an individual thus I’d advice you to pack keeping in mind the above expected temperatures. One thick windproof down/fleece jacket is a must for the days we visit Sela Pass and Bumla Pass as they are extremely windy.
2) Winter caps to cover your ears, and scarves to cover the neck
3) You can keep a raincoat handy, however, we aren’t expecting much rainfall, so, instead a waterproof jacket would work better as it can be used in more situations.
4) Chapstick, sunscreen lotion and sunglasses
The above are musts for the trip. Also sharing some things to carry that aren’t musts but will help you out on the trip if you carry them
5) One Shawl – to keep you nice and warm, especially when we are travelling in the minibus
6) A good pair of sturdy shoes. You don’t need specific trekking shoes on this trip. Just a pair of sturdy comfortable shoes will see you through. In case you tend to feel cold easily make sure to keep extra socks, these help in staying warm.
7)  We are trying our bit to make the planet a better place so we do not encourage people frequently buying plastic bottles. It will be nice if you can each get your own bottle, and we can keep filling it up wherever we stay or visit. We also encourage carrying garbage bags to collect our trash during the road journey as we absolutely frown upon littering of any sort.
8) Girls, we would recommend you carry sanitary pads/tampons considering how many women have irregular period cycles during travel.
PS : If you wish, you can carry Hair Dryers. It helps to Keep yourself warm as well as brush off some moisture from your clothes in case they get wet. Make sure it’s a small one.
9) Other clothes – keep your jeans, track pants and tees along for the trip. In the day you’d be mostly wearing this and then layering up, as and when needed, in the above shared manner.
10) Get any games you want to such as playing cards, Uno cards, balls, Frisbee.
11) If anyone has a pair of speakers, please get them. Will be fun to play music in the bus and in the rooms when we are partying!
Points to Remember:
a. If the above list sounds exhaustive, remember you might not have all of these. But we have shared these with you, because we want to take no chance when it comes to staying warm, staying fit, and not falling sick. And we recommend you carry these.
b. As mentioned time and again, weather will play a role in this trip. As of now, we predict that things will go perfectly, but in case weather holds us up somewhere or some of the sights get closed down, we expect you to understand that. We shall go to the mountains and tackle whatever comes our way with a smile.

*Please note that Arunachal Government doesn’t allow Luggage on the top of a traveller. So, all our luggage will be put on the back of the traveller. So request you to carry a backpack/rucksack/haversack instead of a suitcase.*

Kindly, email your OHOT waiver form in time too. This form is mandatory to join the trip.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and to exploring the beauty of Tawang together!

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