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11 Ways to Make Money Online While Travelling the World

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Raise your hands in the air, if you want to travel more but lack the funds do so!! Most, if not all, travelers do not have a single source of income. The money comes in from various sources at the same time. These few pennies here and there add up to enough money to support your travel lifestyle. Let us accept that we are all sick and weary of our mundane occupations and long to be free! Isn’t it true that all we want to do is go to new places, explore, and have fun?

We are pretty sure you want this! If all you want to do is travel around the country or world and make money while doing so, you need to read this, wanderers!


You should go take fantastic images if you have a strong comprehension of the ticky tacky details and a creative eye. You might be able to sell your photos to a variety of travel periodicals or corporations that have picture collections. Maintain a social media handle and publish a bite from your holidays on a daily basis if you aren’t convinced to sell them. Who knows, you might soon have a sizable fan base that turns you into a social media influencer!


Maximize your chances of generating sales by creating an e-book on a niche topic that isn’t too competitive or compile your own experiences.

After you’ve finished writing your e-book, publish it, advertise it, and obtain a few good reviews, then pack your bags and travel! If you’re successful, you’ll be able to earn a comfortable living without having to lift a single finger.


You’ll need gear for your journey: clothing, gear, transportation. Consider contacting companies that provide them and offering to be brand ambassadors for them.

If you already have a decent social media following, they will be more likely to sign a deal with you. Consider approaching smaller firms that are in desperate need of exposure, as they will be simpler to persuade.


Becoming a freelancer is a popular choice among many travelers. Create a profile on Upwork or Fiverr, two of the most popular marketplaces. Prepare to receive job offers by describing your talents and, if possible, providing an online portfolio.

Any skill you have can be used to fund your travels. Do you have a creative side to yourself? Come on; give yourself a chance to shine as a creative writer or designer. Take up online occupations like freelance writing or design and work for a few hours a day to earn money while travelling for the rest of the day. There are several companies that hire freelancers and pay them per word to produce articles and blog posts for them. What do you think? Good use of creative skills while on the road.


This can be done from almost anywhere as you’ll need to be computer aware and have decent communication skills to get paid to evaluate websites from home. A PC with a microphone and camera, a high-speed internet connection, and a current web browser like Google Chrome are also required. Some organisations even enable testers to utilise a smartphone or tablet throughout the testing process. Most exams take 5 to 25 minutes to complete and cost $10 on average. It normally works like this: the longer the test, the more money you get.

Indeed and Upwork, once again, collect a large number of proposals for website and app testing.


You can also express your thoughts on a product or explain how you utilise it. Many businesses use online surveys to evaluate a product or choose the best marketing plan for a new release.

Simply create a profile on a survey platform such as My Survey and apply for a survey. You surely wont earn a whole lot from this, but it is enough to buy you a meal!!!


If you want to travel while still earning money, why not make it a full-time job? The work and dedication required to maintain a blog is far greater than most people realize. But, believe it or not, it’s all worth it! Of course, you can learn for free by reading travel blog newsletters, studying, and observing the finest. Start keeping a social media profile to keep the world informed about your experiences if you’re seeking for some extra income to assist cover a portion of your vacations! Who knows, maybe you’ll have an opportunity to work for one of the most well-known travel websites.

And what’s the best part?

To be a travel blogger, you must travel. Isn’t that fantastic?


People nowadays are very eager to learn foreign languages. The best aspect is that finding work as a language teacher is simple even if you don’t have any certificates. If you have certifications, you may be able to get hired by government agencies or find even more job prospects online.

It’s very easy to communicate no matter where you are in the globe with Whatsapp, Hangout, and Skype! However, if you’ve established a profile on Upwork, for example, you may make money by teaching languages online.


You can either set up a YouTube page or a Instagram account and work to attract followers. Many YouTubers earn a living with their videos – which can be a full-time job. It’s interesting in the long run. For some quick money, taking lessons is probably a better option though. What better way to utilize your talent in than this?


Whatever your area of expertise is, there are likely individuals arranging events or teaching it all around the world. You do, however, need to have some form of reputation in your field for this one. Offer to provide feedback or to educate a certain aspect of your domain. For example, in marketing, conduct online classes to talk at conferences about how to create your brand.


Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising in which a firm pays third-party publishers to send traffic or leads to its products and services. Affiliates are third-party publications who are paid a commission to create new methods to promote the firm. This form of earning is in hype nowadays. Affiliate marketing can be lucrative, but it takes effort and money to turn it into a legitimate business. Before you get on the affiliate marketing bandwagon, make sure to do your homework properly.

So, now that the biggest obstacle (MONEY) in the journey to the completion of your travelling dream is removed, what are you waiting for? Go, Type your resignation letter, Pack your bags and Head out to enjoy the world!!!

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