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Seven Lakes Trek, Arunachal Pradesh

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You know, when we start speaking of travelling, you start to realize just how incredibly beautiful our country is and how it is home to so many wonders that we are yet to explore or witness. The state of Arunachal Pradesh is one underrated destination in this regard and a truly beautiful one too. Now if you’re headed to explore this state’s beauty and are even more interested in taking some adventures too, then how about a trek? Amongst their many secrets, Arunachal also holds the secret of a gem. What gem, you ask? Well, how about 7 high altitude lakes in the middle of green hills? That’s where this trek takes you!

How to reach: Fly down to Dibrugarh. You may have to catch connecting flights. Alternatively, you can reach by making a train journey too.

Best time to trek/visit: November to April

Duration: 12 days

Difficulty: Difficult

Altitude: 4,000 metres approximately

Trek route: Dibrugarh – Roing – Anini – Imungu – Camp 1 – Camp 2 – Lake Kamo Uyea – Inguli – Mele – Anini – Roing – Dibrugarh

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Source: https://twitter.com/ArunachalTsm/status/1292029606006886401/photo/2, Instagram @jimhikkingnature

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Day 1: Arrival in Dibrugarh

Altitude: 108 m

Before your trek begins you shall get some time to say hello and greet the state of Assam. Stay in a homestay or a local place to get a chance to observe and interact with the inhabitants of this city and learn about their way of life. Dibrugarh also has some green plantations where you could walk around. And of course, come evening dig into the Assamese food to get a taste of the authentic scrumptiousness served around here.

Day 2: Dibrugarh to Roing

Altitude: 390 m

Distance: 150 km (drive)

Today, you shall enter the terrain of Upper Assam. Get ready to greet the green hills that start to appear here onwards. The journey takes its fair share of time but you enjoy it by looking outside your window with music to keep you company. Roing is home to scenic lakes too, so, if you make it there in time, brighten up your evening with a walk to the lakeside. In fact, generally even the route to Roing is covered by crossing over on the Lohit River, letting your tete-a-tete with nature start off with a gush!

Day 3: Roing to Anini

Altitude: 1,968 m

Distance: 230 km (drive)

This day has in store a long and tedious drive for you, so, be prepared with snack bags, knick-knacks and of course, good company! But the drive rewards you by passing through the highest pass in Arunachal Pradesh’s Dibang Valley, Mayodia Pass. Thus, the excitement starts to build up because you are now much closer to the mountains than before.

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Source: https://twitter.com/ArunachalTsm/status/1292029606006886401/photo/2, Instagram @jimhikkingnature

Day 4: Anini to Imungu to Camp 1

Altitude: 2,500 m

Distance: 25kms (drive), thereafter, trek

Day 4 is when your trek finally kicks off! You will first take a short drive and thereafter, commence your ascent. You shall be entering the Mishimi hills that play home to the scenic secrets that you are looking to experience for yourself. The trails here actually served as hunting trails for centuries and it was much later that adventurous folks came to be adopt them for their trekking adventures.

Day 5: Camp 1 to Camp 2

Altitude: 3,400 m

Today, you will venture much deeper into the thick forests of the Mishimi Hills. And your trek route for the day has you passing through areas where first you see wildflowers and then all kinds of flowers and plants which you don’t even recognize. This day is thus for the vegetation and the high-altitude flora and fauna that a trek like this allows you to observe with your own eyes. Let the breeze come play with your hair, let your feet make their way tenderly and let yourself be with nature completely.

Day 6: Camp 2 to Lake Kamo Uyea (3730 M)

Ah, finally the D-day is here! Day 6 of your trekking expedition has you finally greeting the Lake Kamo Uyea. You will walk along the ridge of the mountain in order to reach here and cross a side of the glaciers to arrive at the lakeside camp. It is the highest point of the trek, so, make sure to give yourself a pat on the back and the reward in store is of course, the lake itself.

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Source: https://aquaterra.in/trips/the-seven-lakes-trek-arunachal-pradesh/

Day 7: Camp at Lake Kamo Uyea

Altitude: 3,730 m

Since it’s a lake trek that you are taking this trek for in the first place, you ought to spend time with it, right? Firstly, of course your body needs to feel comfortable at this altitude and needs adequate rest to acclimatize. Then you can go ahead and have you time with the lake. How would you want to meet it for the first time? Would you go running in glee or would you walk there slowly to just perch on a spot and stare at it for hours? Moreover, you have to meet Kamo Uyea’s sisters too today. Yes, the 6 remaining lakes! This includes Emu Uyea, Chenni Uyea, Dinni Uyea, Huhu Uyea, Assi Uyea and Achanga Uyea. Erm, can you remember these names for years after your trek? :p Hah well, whether you remember them or not, make this day all about exploring each of them one after the other, to your heart’s content.

Day 8: Lake Kamo Uyea to Inguli

Altitude: 1,550 m

After your time with the lake it is time to make your way back. Therefore, this day marks the beginning of your descend from the top. You are still camping out, so, make the most of it and look around the views surrounding you.

Day 9: Inguli to Mele to Anini

Altitude: 1,968 m

The 9th day is the last day of your trek (not your trip), So, for one last time charge up yourself to get your feet moving through the forests and meanwhile, start bidding farewell to the terrain too.

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Source: https://twitter.com/ArunachalTsm/status/1292029606006886401/photo/2, Instagram @jimhikkingnature

Day 10: Anini to Roing

Altitude: 230 km drive

Now you are back to being driven on road for the remaining part of your journey. Make it memorable by interacting with those who took this trek along with you and learning from each other about your respective experiences during the trek.

Day 11: Roing to Dibrugarh

Altitude: 150 km drive

Make the last stretch of the drive to reach the city where this whole adventure began from in the first place.

Day 12: Departure from Dibrugarh

Fly back home with a number of memories of a number of lakes that you saw here.

So, would you head for this offbeat and lesser explored trek in the heart of Dibang Valley?

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