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Five places to see in Arunachal Pradesh

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Okay, so, my friends are tired of me telling them how beautiful Arunachal Pradesh is, so, I thought let me bug you guys! Haha kidding. The truth is that Arunachal is hidden North Eastern gem tucked away in its beauty under a shawl of simplicity. It is absolutely gorgeous and stunning without screaming about it. It is the best of nature on a platter in a subdued way, only if you are game to explore it. So, here’s the best of the best that this state has to offer:


The birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama waits for you. But to make it there you have to cross through the chilly Sela Pass which is worth spending time in itself as its cool air blows above a lake near the only road connecting Tawang to the rest of India. Enter Tawang to explore its ancient monasteries where interactions with monks will tell you more about life as a Buddhist than books can. And just as you’ll find yourself smiling into the clouds that come to sit upon your merry cheeks, Tawang will prod you to show a lake as mesmerizing as Madhuri and waterfalls as massive and wondrous as Nuranang or Jung. Tawang is a treat to yourself, so, do a little self pampering sooner than later.

Source: https://www.tripoto.com/trip/tawang-place-that-mends-your-hurt-and-takes-you-in-593baa78c5924


But before you witness Arunachal’s crowned jewel, say hello to its little charmer by the name of Dirang. Why? Practically speaking it give you a breather instead of making a tiresome journey. But still why? As a traveller and lover of nature because of how pretty the cozy little Dirang is. It’s a tiny little town with a river meandering lazily below a bridge, with a sheep farm where its residents gaze back at you curiously and with drives that look out into different shades of green lands and skies that are painted blue.

Source: http://www.east-himalaya.com/dirang.php

Ziro Valley

While the Ziro Valley Festival of Music is undoubtedly credited for making this valley considerably famous, it had actually been declared a World Heritage Site much earlier. The home of the Aptani tribe tells many cultural tales if you interact with the women brandishing face tattoos (a practice that has thankfully been stopped in the present day). But even other than the festival the valley is a delight in itself. Paddy fields stretch out far and wide and in them you find houses made of bamboos sticking out. Hilly terrains and homely settlements all add to the charm of this valley.

ziro valley
Source: https://www.onacheaptrip.com/ziro-valley-arunachal-pradesh/

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Mechuka Valley

Now if you have spent hours after hours sighing over the posts of travel bloggers, you are bound to have heard of Ziro. But have you heard of Mechuka? Kudos if you have! And even if you haven’t don’t worry because you’re finding out right away. Mechuka is another bit of magic in Arunachal. Its name literally translates to mean medicinal water of the snow. This hilly destination is home to multiple tribes. Trees run into great numbers even as rivers can be caught peeking out from behind them. And for the adventurous ones, this valley hosts a mad adventure festival annually!


With hills on one end and plains on another, Roing can change the course of what it showcases you when you go from north to south. There is a hot spring at Jia for you to jump in to wash away your worries and woes as it relaxes you. Where there’s a river there ought to be water sports! So, Roing runs along Dibang River and if you go to Nizamaghat you have a chance of doing hiking. Angling and river rafting. Then at Dambuk visit the historical site where attempts were made at stopping Britishers way back in 1894. Roing has many pages for you to turn over and see.

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