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Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

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Maximum Altitude: 16105 ft

Duration: 9 days

Difficulty: Difficult

What do you want in a trek? Do you want trails that pass through enchanting forests? Do you want to run on the vast green meadows? Do you want to look at those postcard-like snow capped peaks? Do you want to lie outside of the tent, counting stars and forgetting all your worries in that moment? Tell me, do you want to do this all?

pin bhaba pass trek
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Presenting the Pin Bhabha trek, one of the prettiest treks in Himachal.  The trek is also known as the best crossover treks in the region. It is as if the nature has packed everything in a box as a package deal. Unlike most of the treks, the scenery changes every day here.

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The trail starts from the lush grasslands of Kinnaur and leads up to the desolate mountain ranges of Spiti valley. Kafnu, a quaint little village is the starting point of the trek. On the first day itself, you will be crossing dense alpine forests of Pine, Oak, and Silver Birch. Slowly as you gain height the vista opens up to the huge grasslands. This ancient route has been frequented by the shepherds for decades. During summer, you will see goats, sheep and horses grazing in these meadows. You will see all shades of green around you as the clear blue sky gives the best contrast.

treks in himachal
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The higher you go, the thinner the vegetation gets. And the trek gets harder. This trek demands high-levels of fitness both physically and mentally. And even though few sections of the trail will test your skills and endurance, the views will keep you going.

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The summit of the pass, Saddle Point, offers majestic views of the Bhabha and Pin Valleys. From here, you can look at the lush hills of Bhabha on one side. And on the other side are the barren mountains of Pin valley which are splashed with colours. You will see jet balck mountains with pink rocks and purple hills. The contrast is stunning.

saddle point pin bhaba pass
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The trek ends in the Pin Valley region of Spiti which is a world in itself. Pin Bhabha trek takes you through the most stunning trail with a dramatic setting on each day. From greens of Kinnaur to the multicolour landscape of Spiti, this trek will reward you with mesmerizing sights.

 Best Time to Visit

The months from July-September are the best for this trek. This is when the Kinnaur region is the greenest while Spiti has a pleasant climate, and you can see the most beautiful hues.

How to Reach

Kafnu is around 200 km from Shimla. If you are coming from Delhi, then there are regular overnight Volvo buses till Shimla. From Shimla, you can take a bus to Kufnu.

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