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Five places to see in Andhra Pradesh

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Whether you’re going to these states for a wedding or for college or for a meeting or well, just to explore, there’s always some beautiful places to explore!

Araku Valley

What says vacation better than a hill station? The best part about South India is how it offers us green mountainous locations to explore unlike North India. Both are beautiful in their own way. Located at 120 kms from Vizag is Araku Valley. In this southern gem, explore many shades of green in the forests as well as stetches of coffee plantations. Tiny streams and massive waterfalls all come together to enhance the charm of this destination which is a breath of pleasant air.  Home to tribal people, there is also a Tribal Museum here. The journey itself to this destination is a simple and serene experience both my train and by car as they gradually upon up to this view.

Araku Valley
Source: https://vizagtourism.org.in/araku-valley-vizag

Ananthagiri Hills

Note: Ananthagiri Hills are now in Telangana.

Countless music videos and movies later, there’s you and me waiting for our feet to dangle just a tad bit outside the window to let the winds tickle our feet as we play our favourite music and explore a new place. Just 26 kms away from Araku lay the Ananthagiri Hills, giving you the chance to combine the two trips together. Parks and viewpoints, trekking trails and kayaking recourses, caves and coffee plantations are what is in store for you here. There is even a temple where you can go pay your respects. In the evenings head to Musi River or Bhavanasi Lake or Katiki Waterfalls give you a chance to end your day on a pleasant note.


Beaches, beaches and beaches – for unbridled childlike joy, for dunking your friends, for swimming away all your worries and for sinking your tired feet into the softness of sand. If this tugs at your heart, then for a small slice of this joy head to this region’s own beach town Vizag. The city offers you not one but multiple beaches. Rishikonda, Bheemili and Yarakoda are amongst the popular ones. Meanwhile, if you go early you can enjoy a quiet time at Gangavaram and Sagar Nagar. From rocky ones to the ones dotted with palm trees, you can have your pick. It’s beach time!

Source: https://www.fabhotels.com/blog/beaches-in-vizag/


On the Pennar River of Andhra is perched a precariously curved and cracked gorge called Gandikota. Slabs of steep rocks have been naturally cut by this river passing through in between. Historically also, this one has held significance during the Qutub Shahi, Kakatiya and Vijaynagara periods witnessed in this region. Interestingly, as a mark of history stands the fort of Gandikota named after the gorge. In Telugu gorge is referred to as “gandi”, thus, the name. You can walk around to explore these massive boulders wrapped in the ribbon of valleys.

Source: https://www.livehistoryindia.com/amazing-india/2017/05/24/gandikota-the-grand-canyon-of-india-2

Click here to read more about Gandikota.


Riverside villages and camping experiences beckon you to the waves and winds of Papi Hills or Papikonda. This is quite the preferred weekend getaway from the city of Hyderabad. Boats and ferries alike take you through the Godavari River. A nearby town called Bhadrachalam is famous for housing a 17th century temple of Lord Rama. Papikonda in itself awaits with lofty hills looming into the sky, a softly stirring water body and on good days, even some stargazing to do at night! Take strolls exploring villages, hog on some scrumptious sea food and enjoy yourself a short yet happy break here.

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