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Five places to see in Assam

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There’s so much to explore in the North East of India and its really amazing how one state alone can offer a lot of varying experiences. So, if you are heading to the state famous for its tea and silk, here are some places for you to explore!


Kaziranga National Park has probably been Assam’s biggest claim to tourist fame. It welcomes visitors from around the world on account of being home to the one horned rhinoceros. These rhinos can actually be seen even slightly before you enter the national park area! Further, it is home to leopards, deer, elephants, bears, tigers and bird species too. Explore it to witness the wildlife and also to hear the quietness of the jungle. The national park also offers a stunning view of the Brahmaputra River basin on one end.


Majuli is famous for being the world’s largest river island! Yes, with a stretch of 880 sq. kms. the island has been recognized by the Guinness World Records themselves. Explore the quaint island for its pretty views overlooking the water and its surrounding greens. Moreover, Majuli is also a hub of the cultural remnants of the state with monuments such as Kambalabari Satra, Auniati Satra and Dakshinapat Satra narrating about the Ahom dynasty, customary practices and more.

Source: https://www.meghalayatourcabs.com/majuli-the-largest-fresh-water-island-in-the-world

Panimur Fall

In the Dima Hao district of Assam, one finds the Panimur Falls which have also been called the “Indian Niagara Falls” which I guess sounds about right because look at the picture above! The Kopili River comes crashing down rocks in a cascading milky white curtain of water. In Autumn and early winter, the waterfall is in full swing with the water gurgling away merrily from the Kopili River which has been referred to as the “happy damsel” in an Assamese song. Visit to take in the panoramic views and the sounds of the falls.


What is it about hill stations that keeps inviting us over and over again? Well, if you too cannot get enough of hill stations then this is one from Assam (if not, the only one in Assam) for you. Haflong also known as “White Ants Hillock”, is a dreamy little getaway with a small hill to go up, a lake to gaze into and view points for you to drive around see. Curiously, a phenomenon famous from Haflong is that of birds committing suicide on the full moon night at Jatinga!

Source: http://www.incredible-northeastindia.com/assam/halflong.html

Umananda Island

Meet the smallest island of India, Umananda and one of the tiniest inhabited islands world over. It is said that Lord Shiva visited this island with Goddess Uma or Parvati, thus, garnering this name. The island therefore has a small temple in reverence of the gods. It is also believed that River Brahmaputra is a devotee of Lord Shiva and ensures that he is satisfied. For this reason, it is said that even with floods in the area, water has never entered the temple!

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