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This Guy’s On His Own Trip Review: Trip Leader Sakshi Pant

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Sonu Mehta travelled to Sikkim in 2019 with our trip leader Sakshi Pant and absolutely loved it. This is what she had to say after the trip!

Trip leader Sakshi Pant

After almost a month, those 8 days are still afresh. Says it all, perhaps!

“The Sikkim Trip”

In a puny mind lay a tiny wish of exploring the soothing solitude with an unchained grip,

Rearing this fancy for long, in the fullness of time, a voyage is booked with This guy’s on his own trip.

Excitement clasped in the arms, I arrest all the scepticism, apprehensions and dubiety,

Receptive to new friendships, and experiences, I start onto the journey leaving behind all the fine lucidity.

First leg of the expedition begins when we hop over to the airport where all the fellow souls meet their doppelgängers,

Nervous and hesitant for a few minutes, I get effortlessly comfortable with all of them who were supposed to be the envisioned strangers.

We were so quick on breaking the ice that perhaps we all forgot that we had no acquaintance with one another,

Small talks all through the journey, ventilating the belief and thought structure, we gave glimpses into selves one after the other.

Every dawn and the dusk saw us solder with love, care and affection in each speck of our silence, howl, mumble and ruckus,

We lived in unison, walked hand in hand, sat side by side, leaned shoulder to shoulder sculpting a family with the sixteen of us.

On His Own Trip Sikkim

Infant experience with the snow, endurance with the long, undulating roads, wayward pranks under the skies,

summed up all our transitions from grounding on the midway to strolling over the bridges or splashing in the spineless streams or gliding towards the pinnacle highs.

We talked through our hats, danced like swarming bees, played side-splitting games whiling away time like we knew no concept of clock,

These eight days and seven nights gave us memories and camaraderie for lifetime amidst the tranquility of Lachen, Lachung and Gangtok.

Let us uphold this trip of ours with a special mention, the bond we made to nurture with time and the experience we had to remind us of this bygone,

In the seam of life, the routine and the fast paced events, let’s strive to keep the connect and contiguity go on and on.

On His Own Trip testimonials

Sakshi – You were amazing with your warmth and enthusiasm! Your love towards travelling and meeting people translated our trip into such a pleasant memory. Thank you!!  ️

It was so easy talking to you and it never felt like I met you for the first time! It was so easy sharing so much with you, roomie!  ️

Looking forward to many more trips with you and the team of This guy’s on his own trip! 🙂

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