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Best Honeymoon Destinations Not a lot of people have Heard Of!

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“Aaya Din Shagna Da..” maybe the quintessential opening song for weddings and just as quintessential is the honeymoon that follows a wedding. Newlyweds flock to some beautiful destinations to get some much looked forward to quality time together. Here are ideas of 5 offbeat destinations for honeymoons:

Kepulauan Seribu, Indonesia

While Bali is the leading honeymoon destination amongst a number of Indians, if your heart wants something a little lesser known and thus, lesser crowded, make way to Kepulauan Seribu. It will add about 8 to 10 hours of travel time after landing in Bali as you will have to take another domestic flight and a ferry for this which will cost you about Rs.10,000 per head to do so. So, it isn’t super expensive on the pocket and adds an extra day of travel but is certainly worth it!

Why? Kepulauan Seribu are unofficially referred to as the Thousand Islands. While the area doesn’t actually comprise of a thousand islands, it is made up of a couple of hundred of them. Amongst these Bidadari Island, Pramuka Island, and Tidung Island are the more popular ones. In case you are willing to splurge a little extra for a more lavish experience, you could opt for Macan Island or Ayan Island which offer the experience of a private island and floating cottages like Maldives.

1)Kepulauan Seribu, Indonesia
Credits: Instagram handle @travelrack

This destination not only makes for a picturesque choice with its abundant beauty, it also offers a bunch of adventurous activities for you to try with your partner: snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, etc. You could even rent out cycles and go about exploring the island with ease together. If you’re seafood lovers then you’re in for a treat!

Sapa, Vietnam

Yet to gain popularity with Indian travellers, Sapa is a popular destination for Europeans backpacking across Vietnam. Simply fly in to Hanoi and take a 5 hours journey by road to reach here. Sapa is a mountain town inhabited by ethnic group tribes. Its landscape is beautiful with the rice paddies and thick forest cover.

If you and your beau are “fitness goals” in addition to being couple goals, you could go trekking during your time in Sapa. Trek Vietnam’s highest mountain, Fan Si Pan and bond during the activity. There are also other hiking trails around in the area. This is a honeymoon destination for the nature lovers who are looking to get lost together in a simple yet stunning town.

Sapa, Vietnam
Credits: Instagram handle @so_vietnam_travel


Pamalican Island, Philippines

Now if luxury and privacy is what you seek and cost is not a barrier, then this one is for you. I say this because forewarning, costs round trip to and from Philippines in addition to the private flight for reaching the island can totally amount to about Rs.70,000 per head. And of course, since it is a private island it is certainly not a cheap option but certainly a stunning one! Yes, you read that right, private island. Once you make a booking with the hotel, they will arrange for you to book tickets on the private plane which takes only 15 guests as a time and lands on their own air strip. In addition, you will be pampered with the likes of an assigned butler, stunning view and secluded dinners on the beach and what not.

More importantly, the sight of the Sulu Sea that you see here is simply beautiful. The water is deliciously blue and rich with coral reefs. It is inviting for you to swim, snorkel to see the vibrant corals and to take leisurely boat rides with your loved one. For a break from the rest of the world to spend some quality time with your newly-wed in the lap of luxury, this is your pick.

Pamalican Island, Philippines
Credits: Instagram handle @amanpulo


For the longest time Kyrgzstan was Asia’s hidden gem, however, in recent years it has started getting attention which it rightfully deserves. This one is for the absolute mountain lovers. The country’s charm is in its exceedingly gorgeous mountain landscapes. The greenest of valleys, snow clad peaks encircling lakes, gushing rivers, etc. are what awaits you here.

Simply Google the country, the images that will start to flood your screen will look like a perfectly painted scenery. It not only offers a great element of adventure but also the peace and tranquillity for you to take it all in, just the two of you.

Credits: Instagram handle @pastelbylens


Meanwhile, if you would like to cut cost by travelling within India itself then Lakshadweep is the most beautiful option for you. Please note Lakshadweep isn’t necessarily cheap but relatively cheaper than the earlier options. Also, in order to visit the islands, you would have to acquire official permission and book your flights well in advance as there is only one flight in a day.

If you’re wondering if all that trouble is worth it, then let me tell you right away that it totally is! Lakshadweep is home to India’s bluest water and is thankfully not seen teeming with throngs of tourists. The coral life is rich here but in addition you can even see turtles on a beach and do some shipwreck diving! If staring into the bluest water as you sit on a white sandy beach with the love of your life is your idea of a honeymoon, then this is certainly the way to go!

Credits: Instagram handle @lakadive_diaries
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