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This Guy’s On His Own Trip review: Trip Leader Neeraj Narayanan!

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Anubhuti Matta accompanied Neeraj Narayanan to Bhutan few years back. They laughed, they danced and had a mad week in the mountains. When they returned, Anubhuti said this about her trip and trip leader Neeraj:

On His Own Trip

To the guy who is clearly on his own trip and promises to take me on many more,

Remember you kept asking me if I was happy? Who wouldn’t be if one gets to see everything on one trip—snow and a bit of snowfall, trees, rivers, monasteries and happy faces, a rainbow, stars at an arm’s distance and beautiful people.

When I first decided to step out without knowing anyone, I didn’t know it would turn out to be a trip of a lifetime. I wanted to watch at least one sunrise, but to stay up with everyone to know just one more secret every night means much more to me than a sunrise.

I wanted to climb at least one mountain, you made me go up two.

I wanted to and missed dipping my head in a cold stream of water but you ensured I pop my head out of the bus to be kissed by some cool breeze.

If you caught me quiet, you asked me to open my heart just so that a few became friends, and some did for life.

I didn’t miss anyone back home, I lived and breathed in the moment, ate local, spoke to locals at every chance I got with your hand on my head.

You are infinitely beautiful, on the inside and outside and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You really do amaze me with your courage and the way you face things that many others like me fear.

You, our group leader are stellar. Gracious, polite, knowledgeable, loving, affectionate, respectful, concerned and brilliant at what you do. You are good at reading people and situations quietly as you lead the group.

To you, for you let us savour every moment to the fullest. To you, for you are the most unflappable and the best implementer I have ever seen. To you, for you never lost patience or good humour with us. To you, for showcasing just the right mixture of professionalism and friendliness. To you, for your aplomb and energy gave all of us a sense of confidence and assurance that although we were travelling on top of the world (at most times), nothing could drill in us, a sense of defeat.

I can’t be more gung-ho about future trips. THANK YOU NEEEERJA.

Anubsa  <3

On His Own Trip Review

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