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Things To Do In Gili Trawangan

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Gili Trawangan is the most popular of the three Indonesian islands. Located midway between Bali and north-west Lombok, Gili T , as it is called, is immensely popular with Western tourists looking for a peaceful retreat. And that is just what Gili T provides in large dollops. With its white sandy beaches and crystal clear aquamarine blue waters that tempt you to just dive in, it is the ideal tropical getaway.

The tiny little island, only 3 km by 2 km, is encircled by the beach. Explore this so you can find your favourite part to spend lazy days sunbathing, swimming or even practicing a little yoga. No motorized vehicles are allowed so the best way of moving around is by bicycle, horse buggy or just walking. You can find the best places to snorkel, dive or swim and the best places to party as the day turns to night.

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This may sound tame, but relax on the beach and enjoy the beautiful blue sea before you. If you are an early riser, you will enjoy seeing the sun rise to bathe the sands and the rocks nearby with its golden glow. In the evening, move west to see the sunset bathing the sea and the surroundings in a myriad colors with the Agung volcano(seen from some strategic points) rising tall and menacing on the horizon. The Trawangan swing is a tourist favourite for pictures in the sunset. Unfortunately, long queues form on the beaches for everyone to get their turn on the swing.

The Gili Trawangan is one of the best places for divers and snorkelers, where you can get up close to all kinds of marine life. For those who cannot dive, beginner courses are available so you can dive to see the sea turtles, which can be found 10 to 20 meters below the surface of the sea. Deep sea divers can have the pleasure of seeing shipwrecks and amazing underwater sculptures. They hope to spot stingrays, barracudas and sharks, swimming around the sandy sea bed. See the beautiful corals, and learn how efforts are now on to artificially aid in their growth. For those who do not want to dive, glass bottomed boats are available to view the marine life.

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Do paddle boarding-enjoy standing, sitting or lying on the paddle boards as you surf the sea.

At night the little island comes into its own with a rollicking party atmosphere. There is an abundance of sea food right there on the streets, tempting you with its freshness and huge variety. There are a large number of bars and pubs to while away the evening in the company of friends. Gili T boasts of the only Irish pub on the smallest island in the world. Enjoy rock and old reggae music in live music bars, where the atmosphere is relaxed and chilled out. Or join the locals, as they enjoy music in their own inimitable style.

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Whether you are a fitness freak, cycling around, eating wholesome healthy food and practicing yoga on the sands, or are more interested in strenuous diving and swimming activities, or just lazing the days away, there is something tailor made for everyone, here in Gili Trawangan.

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