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Seven Bizarre Things about North Korea

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North Korea feels like another world. The country has remained in permanent isolation and people know very little about it. Ruled by tyrants and dictators, the citizens have to go through a lot as they are oppressed every day. Here are seven bizarre things that happen only in North Korea. Few are funny, most of them are sad and all of them are just ridiculous.

North Korea is the world’s only necrocracy.

South Korea
Source: https://www.thenewsgeeks.com/

A necrocracy is a state governed by a dead person. Kim Il-Sung assumed the office of the Eternal Presidency on July 8, 1994, and he has been in power since then, even though he’s been dead for 18 years. It means that the current leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, bears the titles of the Supreme Leader of the DPRK, Supreme Commander of the Army, and Chairman of the Workers’ Party, but he does not hold the presidential status.

Elections are held with only one candidate to choose from

North Korea has been ruled by three generations of the same family, all brutal dictators. It’s bizarre and funny to know that regular elections are held in the country and voters have only one option to choose from. They can decide whether they want to vote for the candidate or not. If they want to vote against the candidate, they will have to place their ballot in a different box from that of the positive votes. The identities of all those people are noted down and they can be punished for their act of treason.

Three generation punishment rules

Three Generation Punishment Rule
Source: https://www.indiatimes.com/

North Korea is known for abusing human rights. One of the horrifying examples is “three generation punishment rule”. If a person is found guilty, they will be sent to the camp with their entire family. It doesn’t matter if the family members are innocent. They have to serve in one of the labour camps where the conditions are notoriously harsh. This doesn’t end here. The subsequent two generations born at the camp must remain there for life and serve in the camp for crimes that were committed years before their birth.

Fashion police controlling the appearance of people

 Fashion police North Korea
Source: https://nexter.org/

North Korea controls everything about its citizen’s appearances. People need to put loose and modest clothes and any foreign trend is totally forbidden. Blue Jeans are banned in the country, as they are seen as symbol of US imperialism. People have restrictions on their choice of hairstyle as well. Men can choose among 10 hairstyles, and women have more options as they can decide between 18 styles. Unmarried women must keep their short. There are literal fashion police to enforce these rules. If anyone expresses their individual style, they can be beaten, have their hair chopped off or their clothes ripped off by the police.

Human waste used as fertilizer

There is a lack of chemical fertilizers in North Korea, as they can’t produce it on their own and can’t buy it from other countries as well. This leaves them with the option of using human waste as fertilizer. Weirdly, there are shops selling human poop.

A propaganda village at the border

Source: https://www.latimes.com/

Kijong-dong is a village constructed in 1950s on the border of North and South Korea. Also known as ‘Peace Village’, the village was majorly created to show the economic success of North Korea to the neighbouring country. While there are houses, schools, daycare, and a hospital, every building is just a concrete shell. There are no windows, floors or ceilings inside these buildings. No one lives in the village and even the lights turn on and off on an automatic timer. There are few people who come to sweep the streets or clean the surroundings and that is the only human activity in this so called village which is a North Korean sham.

Government controls TV and internet

North Korea Dictatorship
Source: https://www.indiatimes.com/

There are only 3 television channels and the programs on them are controlled by the government. Most of the programs are propaganda shows and films. And therefore, most of the North Koreans don’t know anything about the outside world.

Computers are very expensive and not easily available. If you need a computer, you would have to get permission from the government and then register your device with the police. North Korea doesn’t have internet. Instead they have Intranet which is called “Kwangmyong” or Bright Star. Only a limited number of websites can be accessed through it. They have their own operating system as well called Red Star OS.

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