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The Most Beautiful Waterfall In Each State Of India

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There can never be enough waterfalls in the world. So taking the term “Keep Chasing Waterfalls” a bit too literally, I have created a list of the most amazing waterfalls in each state of India. Read the article and tell us how many have you visited already?

Andhra Pradesh: Talakona Falls

waterfall in andhra
Source: https://newsable.asianetnews.com/

Talakona Falls is one treasured beauty cascading in Sri Ventakeshwara National Park in Chittoor. It is also the highest waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh. The waterfalls are placed amidst dense forest surrounded by natural beauty and greenery. It is believed that the water of Talakona Falls is enriched with herbs with healing powers. Talakona was declared as Bio-Sphere Reserve because of wide variety of plant species present in the region. Brace yourself to meet Mouse Deer, Golden Gecko, Porcupine, Chital, and Sambar, along with rare species of mushroom and butterflies.

You will have to hike for 2 km to reach the waterfall. The view keeps getting better as you walk and you can hear the gurgling sound of water from far. But nothing will prepare you for the high waterfall tumbling down the rocks. With milky white streams of water falling from a height of 270 ft, its magnificent and serene view puts one in awe of the beauty of nature.

Arunanchal Pradesh: Nuranang/Jung Falls

Nuranang falls also known as Jung falls or Bong falls is one of the most majestic falls you will ever see. A largely unknown and virgin place, deep in the forest of Tawang, Nuranang Falls offer a pristine and beautiful experience. One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country, the Nuranang Falls are a beautiful white sheet of water that descends from the height of about 100 meters.

The locals believe that this milky white waterfall has been named after Nura, a Monpa tribal girl who probably helped an Indian soldier by supplying arms and also gave shelter to him at the time of Indo-China war. The last time I was here, the flow was so strong that you could hardly here an anything and the mist in the air was adding magic to this already beautiful place.

Bihar: Telhar Kund Falls

waterfqalls in india
Source: IG handle @theundiscovered.in

A beautiful waterfall is flourishing in the Kaimur district of Bihar. The Tehlar Kund waterfall is a segmented waterfall and has a single drop. The view of the hills and the valley here is magnificent and people are attracted to the water gushing down. As the surroundings of this alluring waterfall are cool and pleasant throughout the year, it is a must-visit destination for you. One cannot merely afford to miss the captivating beauty of this unseen glamour of nature. Pack a cute picnic basket and drive here to spend an amazing day near the waterfall.

Chhattisgarh: Chitrakoot Falls

If you ask anyone in Chattisgarh about which place you must go to, the name Chitrakote Falls is sure to come up! Located at a distance of just 38kms from Jagdalpur is this massive waterfall where the water doesn’t just come tumbling or gushing down, but comes falling while roaring and creating a mist as it does so!

Chitrakoot Waterfalls is India’s widest fall covering 980 ft, which has earned it the sobriquet Mini Niagara. During the monsoons, the whole span of 980 ft, is one continuous sheet of raging, thundering muddy water as the Indravati river carries huge amounts of silt downstream. The sight is both frightening and awe inspiring. Often rainbows can be seen over the falls, just after the rains. The adventurous souls can also jump on a boat to the raging inferno below the fall. Local boatmen are quite happy to row you close to the falls so you experience the emerging spray. So, refreshing!

Goa: Doodhsagar Falls

The state known for its beaches won’t disappoint in the waterfall department as well. Travelling by train on the Madgaon-Belagavi rail route, one can see part of the magnificent Doodhsagar falls.  Traversing the Deccan Plateau in Karnataka, the river Mandovi, winds its way through the Western Ghats, to plummet 310 meters, close to the Goa- Karnataka border, making it the fifth highest waterfall in India.

Doodhsagar, literally meaning sea of milk splits into three streams as it pours over a nearly vertical cliff face to descend into a quiet green pool at the base.  Part of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park in the Western Ghats, it is a very scenic place, surrounded as it is,  by deciduous forests and has a rich biodiversity.  Unimpressive during the dry season, the fall comes into its own during the monsoons, when the river and the fall are fed by the rains to form a formidable white curtain of water, almost 30 meters across. The sheer magnificence of this waterfall is the reason you should be visiting Goa during the monsoons.

Gujarat: Gira Dhodh Falls

Source: https://www.gujaratexpert.com/

Gira falls is the most talked about waterfall of Gujarat and for the right reasons. Also known as Giradudh, Gira Waterfall is formed over the Kapri River and eventually drops into the Ambika River. The height of the falls is about 75 feet and the speed of the water plunging into the river creates a foggy look giving it a mystical feel. The waterfall lies in a peaceful and lively surrounding filled with the chirping of birds and the hush of nature round the clock. If you desire to spend some time amid the serenity of nature, then the region of Gira Dhodh Waterfall is an ideal destination in Gujarat.

Himachal Pradesh: Jogini Falls

jogini falls
Source: tripoto.com

The beautiful valley of Manali holds a gorgeous waterfall. Jogini Falls is a beautiful waterfall situated near Vashisht Village in Himachal Pradesh. The fall is formed by a stream which is merged in to Beas River in the downstream. The waterfall is considered sacred and belong to the village Goddess known as Jogini.

To reach the waterfall you have to trek from Vashisht Temple, through pine trees and orchards. This is one of the most famous short treks in Manali. The mesmerizing Jogini Waterfalls cascading from a height of 160 feet is a great reward after the trek.

Jharkhand: Hundru Falls

You’ll be reluctant to leave the charms of Hundru, a popular tourist spot. Situated at a distance of 45 km from Ranchi, Hundru Falls is one of the highest falls of Jharkhand. Subarnarekha river falls from a height of 322 feet with the water hitting massive black mountain ridges of basalt rocks here; the crystal white water perfectly complements the rocks. A pelt of algae canvases the ridges with shades of orange and green and little shrubs sprout from the cuts and crevices. At the base of the falls, the rush of the water, however, mellows, forming a frothy pool where you may fancy a rejuvenating dip.

Karnatka: Jog Falls

Gerusoppe, Gersoppa, Jogada Gundi, call it what you will, we are talking of the amazing Jog falls. Located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, a visit to this fall is a definite “must see” if you are in the vicinity. Flowing through the Western Ghats on its long journey to the Arabian Sea, the Sharavathi River takes a 253 meter plunge, to create the second highest fall in India, the Jog falls.

The deep chasm gorged out by the river has resulted in this magnificent free fall of water, which comes down in four distinct streams- Raja, Roarer, Rocket and Rani. There is a viewing gallery where you can see the grandeur of the fall in complete safety but the adventurous can descend 1400 slippery wet steps to the bottom of the fall. Here too there is a barricade to prevent people from getting dangerously close to the pool at the base of the waterfall, as there have been accidents in previous years. Visit the place in the monsoon with the river in spate and the surrounding area green and lush. During this time the clouds and mist play hide and seek, so every now and then the falls disappear and then suddenly reappear, as if by magic.

Kerala: Athirappilly Falls

waterfalls in kerala

We won’t blame you if you feel a sense of déjà vu on seeing this waterfall. This is Mani Ratnam’s favourite waterfall and he has shot quite a few movies and song sequences here, from Dil Se, Raavan, Guru etc. Recently, the location was also used in the movie Bahubali.

Located on the Chalakudy river, the magnificent Athirappilly Falls is arguably India’s best waterfalls, and certainly one of our personal favourites too (Hey who are we to argue with Mani Ratnam!) It is about 80 feet high, and the thunderous roar of the falls can be heard from far away. The largest waterfall in Kerala is surrounded by lush forests, and is worth visiting just for its natural beauty. One of the best bio diversity areas in Kerala where one can spot rare species of birds, like the endangered Hornbill, if one is lucky. It is possible to trek down to the base of the fall.

The spray is so strong that one gets drenched even when you are standing forty fifty feet away from the falls. On a lucky day, you can spot a beautiful rainbow in the cliff surrounding the sheet of water. There is a river at the base of the falls, and you can step in the water, play in it, sit on some rocks in the middle of the water and lose yourself in the beauty of the place.

Madhya Pradesh: Bahuti Falls

waterfalls in madhya pradesh

Being the highest waterfall in MP at the height 142 meters, the Bahuti Fall sets a record across the country and is often famed as the ‘Indian Niagara’. Being one of the exotic yet secluded places in Madhya Pradesh, the waterfall has become a perfect example of a nick center, creating a cascade with the vertical fall of the water. Tucked away in the wilderness. Bahuti falls have stayed away from the public eye for a long time and therefore maintain the natural beauty. Once you are here you will be spellbound by the mesmerizing view of the falling water.

Maharashtra: Lingamala Falls

The Lingmala Waterfall is a breath-taking and absolutely awe-inspiring waterfall that is situated on the Mahabaleshwar-Pune Road. Away from the hustle bustle of the city life, the waterfalls provide a sense of relief and peace once you visit it therby making it the perfect place for visitors to de-stress and relax. The waterfall is situated at an altitude of 1,278 metres, and fall from a height of approximately 600 feet. Formed by the River Venna at the base, these falls come crawling down into the valley full of greenery, and are split in two parts: the major waterfall and a mini waterfall where you can swim and take photographs.

Manipur: Khoupum Falls

waterfalls in manipur
Source: IG Handle @raj_thwdam

There are many places in Manipur that are bestowed with natural beauty and one of them is the majestic Khoupum Waterfall tucked away in the Khoupum Valley. It’s a secluded waterfall located in the valley and the fact that it’s still unexplored, the untouched beauty of it will definitely leave you spellbound.

Of the seven waterfalls of the Barak River, the Khoupum waterfalls has water gushing from a low height but spread over a broad surface. Amidst the green world of dense forests sprints the greenish-blue water from the rocks.The place is blessed with thick deciduous vegetation and displays a wide variety of flora and fauna which is truly mesmerising. It is a good place for the ones seeking some adventure activity as one can indulge in trekking down to the picturesque waterfalls crossing the lush green forest and scintillating river. The scenic beauty that appears while going to the waterfall is a treat to the eyes and can only be felt by being there. You will have trek for an hour till you finally reach the waterfall. During sunset, the falls look wonderful and you might spot a rainbow if you are lucky. Don’t forget to take a dip here and give yourself away in the lap of nature!

Meghalaya: Weisawdong Falls

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever see. Still not crowded, part of its beauty lies in the fact that it’s not visible from the road, and one needs to know their way. About 10-15 kms away from Cherrapunjee town, you have to get down from the car at a spot not well marked, where the trail begins. From here you have to follow the wooden trail. Halfway, there is a fork and if you go left, you get to a view point from where you see the whole waterfall. It is a three tiered waterfall, and when you see it for the first time, you will gasp with joy.

Walk right from the fork and down the bamboo steps trail, and you can’t help but marvel at how the Khasi people would have built that bamboo stairway, each plank exactly where you would need to hold it. In 15 minutes, you will reach the waterfall, and it’s a gorgeous, gorgeous sight to behold. The fact that it’s surrounded on three sides will cliffs makes it appear magical and absolutely private.

Mizoram: Vantawng Falls

waterfalls in mizoram

Thenzawal is a beautiful hill town in the middle of Mizoram. The main attraction here is the Vantawng waterfall and people flock from all directions to have a look at its might and beauty. Falling from a height of 750 ft, it is the highest waterfall in the state and the 13th highest in the country. The waterfall has been named after Vantawng, who was an excellent swimmer. He would swim like a fish leaving people surprised at his antiques. But one day during one of his performances, a heavy log fell from above and he died.

The fall is located in Vanva River near Thenzawl and is surrounded by lush greenery and rocky terrain. The area is filled with bamboo grooves and is as picturesque as it can get. Watching the waterfall gushing from a height between the valleys and the dense jungles is a sight to behold. It seems like a river of white milk from distance.

Nagaland: Triple Falls

waterfalls in nagaland
Source: https://www.tourmyindia.com/

The beautiful three-tiered falls is located in Dimapur. The water falls from a height of about 280 ft. and looks very pretty as the three beautiful and glistening streams cascade into a natural pool at the bottom making the entire view stunning. The waterfall is a great picnic spot for the locals who love to spend some time in the middle of the nature and hearing the beautiful sound of Triple falls.

Odisha: Barehipani Falls

Located in Similipal Tiger Reserve and descending at a height of 400 m from the Meghasani Hills, this exquisite waterfall is a sight to behold. It is the 3rd highest waterfall of India and highest of Odisha. The gorgeous fall is surrounded by dense forest which further adds to its beauty. The people who visit the reserve for sighting the Bengal and White Tiger has a beautiful experience to witness the waterfall in its true glory. The sound of the waterfall becomes prominent as the chattering of birds die at dusk. It is said that the Barehipani waterfall looks breathtaking in full moon.

Rajasthan: Gaipernath Falls

Rajasthan has a very limited number of choices when it comes to exploring the water bodies. Nevertheless, there are a few gems not to be missed upon. One of them is Gaipernath Falls. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Rajasthan and would be swelling during monsoon.

The water here gushes beautifully, offering one of the best sights for the tourists and visitors. Located in Kota, this waterfall is a ravishing beauty, and you must definitely go there during the monsoon. You can reach the waterfall by climbing approximately 300 steps. After the hike, you’ll be gifted with an amazing view. Catching the sight of water, flowing from a greater height, can relax your minds and souls.

Sikkim: Seven Sister Falls

waterfalls in sikkim
Source: https://traveltriangle.com/

While driving to north Sikkim from Gangtok, you will be enthralled by the beautiful Seven Sisters waterfall. The waterfall is called so because it has got seven tiers of falls. It’s just along the main road and there is also a foot-over bridge on the downstream of the falls. Three tiers of the falls are easily seen from the down. Once you climb a few stairs up, you can see the fourth tier as well. Rest of the tiers are hidden behind rocks and dense forests. During monsoons, the place becomes magical with its cascading water-dropping right from heaven, leaving you awestruck.

Tamil Nadu: Hogenakkal

Hogenakkal is a small village that is known because Kaveri River splits into multiple streams of waterfall here. The waterfall is located in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. The two Kannada words ‘Hoge’ means ‘Smoke’ and ‘Kal’ means ‘Rocks’ give meaning to the word Hogenakkal as Smoky Rocks. The falls has about 14 channels with the water forcefully gushing down the rocks. The effect is extremely dramatic and something you must see when you visit the state. You can ride around in the coracle boats, go fishing, visit the temples in the area, and absorb the beauty around.

Telangana: Kunrtala Falls

Situated in the middle of the Sahyadri mountain range near Neradigonda village in Adilabad is the Kuntala waterfall. The highest waterfall in the state, the falls is located in the dense forests which create a mystical auro around it. As mythology goes, Kuntala Waterfall got its name after Shakuntala, the beloved wife of King Dushyanth. They fell in love near the waterfall and were mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the surroundings. The locals also believe that Shakuntala used to take bath in the waterfall.

Uttar Pradesh: Lakhania Dari Falls

Source: https://traveltriangle.com/

Not only famous web series, but beuatiful waterfalls are also set in the Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh. Pouring from a height of 150 m, the Lakhania Dari falls make for a pretty enchanting sight.The waterfalls are a hidden gem away from the din and chaos of the city. Especially popular among trekkers and adventure enthusiasts, the falls can be reached through a small trek in the hills.The entire region is covered in huge boulders and rocks and rivulets.To witness the waterfall in all its glory, you must visit here during the monsoons.

Uttarakhand: Vasudhara Falls

Let me take you to the last village of India to find the prettiest waterfall in the state of Uttarakhand. The mystical village of Mana, lying 3 km from Badrinath lures you with the amazing tales it has to offer.Legend has it that Pandavas took this route for their journey to Swargarohini peak. And on the way they stopped at the enchanting Vasudhara falls. I wonder if they ever wanted to return. This place screams beauty.

You would need to trek from Mana village through lush grasses and shrubs to reach Vasudhara Falls. It makes the journey more breathtaking and exciting. The water of this cascading falls flows down from the height of 400 feet. The most interesting aspect about this place is that all the water here becomes vapour and vanishes into the atmosphere. The view looks like the Ganges is descending from the sky.

West Bengal: Changey Falls

waterfalls in west bengal
Source: https://www.trawell.in/

The wild and gushing Changey Falls can be found at a short distance of 14 kilometers from Lava, a famous tourist attraction in Kalimpong. It is a fabulous place to visit especially during the rainy season when the overall looks and atmosphere is dreamy.

Changey Falls is a small waterfall in the midst of hills and forests. Cascades down from a height of about 150 feet, the waterfall looks stunning with crystal clear water and thick green forest. You will hear many beautiful birds chirping as if adding their own music to the sound of the waterfall.

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