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Beas Kund Trek

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Maximum Altitude: 12,772 ft

Duration: 3 days

Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

If you have ever been to Manali then you would remember the burbling Beas River which flows alongside the town.  Meandering through the mountains, it passes through Himachal Pradesh and Punjab before merging with the Sutlej River. It is believed that crossing Beas was the biggest hurdle for Alexander’s invasion of India. And therefore it will be fascinating to reach the point of origin of such a significant river.

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The Beas Kund, which is regarded as a holy lake is located in the Kullu Valley and is the original source of River Beas. And just like most of the treks there is a mythological story attached to this place. According to the Hindu mythology, it is said that Rishi Vyas had meditated here before writing the famous epic of Mahabharata and therefore the lake got named after him. I wonder how these sages were always able to find such beautiful places. Just imagine how stunning this place must have been thousands of years ago.

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The trek is for people who want to experience the beauty of Himalayas but don’t have any prior experience in trekking. The short duration makes it perfect for a quick weekend getaway, but its multitude of trekking features also ensures that you have a complete trekking experience.

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The trek to Beas Kund starts from Solang in Manali and just five minutes into the trail, you’ll be walking into a dense coniferous forest of deodar, pine and maple trees. What makes the entire trek so tempting is its dreamy landscape. You will experience stretches of forest that are rich in flora and fauna that open up to clearings, grasslands, and valleys with mesmerizing views. The grasslands of Bakarthach and Dhundi need a special mention here. Situated at the base of some of the biggest mountains in Manali, these alpine meadows are green heaven. Jump in the tiny streams around the meadows and lazily watch the herds of sheep and goats grazing around. And if you feel that these are the best days of your life then wait for the nights. Camping under the star studded sky will be an experience you won’t be able to forget.

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As you approach the summit, you will see a beautiful emerald lake looking like a dream. The contrasting sight of this serene water body nestled in between jagged mountain peaks adds to the beauty of the lake and that makes it an amazingly picturesque travel destination. You will be surrounded by majestic mountains like Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, Ladakhi, Hanuman Tibba, Mt Indrasen, Deo Tibba along with few more peaks from the Pir Panjal range. Beas Kund doubles up as the advance camps and the initial stages of the major trek routes; hence the close proximity to those peaks and summits gives you a mesmerizing view.

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The bliss of the mountains, the tranquillity of the meadows, the pristine air and an enchanting lake, such is the beauty of the Beas Kund trek.

Best Time To Visit

The best time for Beas Kund Trek is between Mid-May and Mid-October. May is the time when the snow melts enough to clear the trail but leaves ice-laden pathways to tread on so if you would love to see some snow then this is the time to trek. You should avoid August and the initial days of September when heavy monsoon lashes these parts of Himalayas.

How To Reach

Manali is well connected to the major cities. You can take an overnight bus from Delhi to Manali. The nearest airport is in Bhuntar and is at a distance of 52 km from Manali. Jogindar Nagar is the nearest railway station from Manali, which is situated at a distance of 166kms. The other convenient rail heads are at Chandigarh and Pathankot.

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