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The Siju Caves of Meghalaya!

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Ever wanted to visit a place so secluded that it remains untouched by humans? A place where the nature blooms in full splendour? That’s what the Siju Caves of Meghalaya have in store for you!

siju caves meghalaya
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The limestone caves of Siju, or the Siju Water Caves of Meghalaya are world famous limestone caves carved by with a grand river network interplay. The cave is located in Garo hills and is also called as Dabokhol, which means the home of the bats in the local dialect. You require only one night to visit these caves, so it fits perfect in every itinerary.

Considered to be one of the longest cave system in India, a large part of the Siju Cave system is still unexplored by man, and has several maze-like passages, but only that these are naturally made.

siju caves
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There are magnificent limestone rock formations inside and Princess Di’s chamber here will fill you with awe. It is essentially a limestone chamber decorated with artistic development of stalagmites & stalactites and garnished with a local legend. There is a river that runs through the cave and wading through it while exploring the place will literally give you a sense of serenity and oneness with the nature. You’ll walk through knee-deep waters as you explore this 7 km long cave. With interesting creatures awaiting you at every turn, caving in Siju will be a quite exciting experience.

It is highly recommended that you take the help of a guide as you don’t want to be lost in dark passages and chambers. Caving equipment is available from guides around the cave, but ensure that you carry an extra pair of clothes. Carry basic necessities like torch and water to enjoy the mystic environs better. Wearing all weather shoes is better, as some of the tracks are filled with flowing water and mind you, crossing these under-world streams won’t be an easy task!

 How to reach Siju Caves
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You can also visit the Tura Peak nearby, which is a forest reserve 872 metres above sea level.

Accommodation is available at Tura, and the caves are well-connected by roads. You can reach Tura by road through Guwahati. Only SUVs go up till the caves due to a few bad patches on the road. Apart from a short walk that you have to take to reach the cave, getting to Siju Cave is fairly convenient.

So, if you are looking for a true travel experience, to experience nature in a raw and magical form, Siju caves is your best bet.

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