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Tulian Lake Trek

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Maximum Altitude: 11000 ft

Duration: 1 day

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Kashmir, a glimmering turquoise lake in the middle of the Himalayas, and a trek through lush green alpine forests. You are thinking about the Great Lakes or Tarsar Marsar? But what if I tell you there is a stunning lake so close to Pahalgam that sometimes you will find it unbelievable. Just look at the picture and tell me if you can think of a place like this where you reach after only a day of trekking. There is a reason why Kashmir is called “Heaven on Earth” and it keeps reminding us with examples like these.

tulian lake trek
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Pahalgam looks like a fairytale as is, but Tulian Lake is the hidden gem of the valley which needs to be explored. The lake lies amidst the Zanskar and Pir Panjal mountain ranges and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks. It remains frozen for most of the year and there is a short window when it displays the most gorgeous shades of blue. The contrast with the snowcapped peaks and green meadows is mesmerizing.

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Tulian Lake is located approximately 16 km from Pahalgam. You can choose to start the trek from the town or you can drive till Baisaran from where the lake lies at a distance of 11 km. Walking upstream of Lidder River, you’ll be surrounding by green meadows and a frame-worthy scenery around. As you move forward, you face denser forest whose tall trees barely let the sun come to the ground. The tourist population on this trail is very low making it one of the cleanest treks in the region. This also means that the trail is not marked and it’s advised to take a local guide along.

It is an alluring trek with loads of nature – lush green meadows, forests of deodar touching the blue sky, water streams, amazing mountain range view throughout, and treacherous steep rocky ascent. You will see marmots roaming around freely and the horses galloping in the bright meadow. It can’t get better than this.

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things to do in kashmir
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The last stretch which is above tree line is exhilarating but as soon as you see this gorgeous lake, all your tiredness will vanish. The lake is surrounded by mountains from 3 sides and if you look closely, this glacial lake resembles the number 8. For me, it’s an infinite sign (tilt your head) telling us about the infinite number of things which are  still to be discovered by us, about the infinite beauty the nature has to offer, and about the infinite love which is in the air.

Sit by the lakeside and enjoy the amazing place. Feel the wind whispering sweet nothings in your ear. This is heaven.

tulian lake
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Note: There are beautiful camping sites on the way which makes it a good idea to make it a 2-day trek. Camping under the night sky is always magical. Add Kashmir to the mix and you will never want to leave.

Best Time To Visit

May-July are the best months for trekking here.

How To Reach

Pahalgam valley is well connected by road to the major cities of Anantnag ,Srinagar and Jammu. Srinagar is the nearest airport (95 km) while Jammu is the nearest railway station (255 km)

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