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Adventurous activities in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria, a beautiful country in the Eastern Europe is a country filled with pristine coastlines, towering mountains, never-ending waterfalls, and a generally lush nature that is extremely inviting. It is a country for someone who loves outdoors. A thrill-seeker will feel at home in Bulgaria with mountain tops for hiking, rapids for rafting, rivers for kayaking and sea and sky for diving. Here are some of the adventurous activities you can opt for in Bulgaria:

Hiking in Rila National Park

Rila National Park

Imagine a series of seven glacial lakes in ombré shades of blues and greens, each distinct in their shape and color. While in India, you would have to trek for a week to see such a beauty (read: Great Lakes of Kashmir), do you know that Bulgaria offers a similar experience in a day trip. Yes, all of these beautiful glacial lakes and a sweeping panoramic view are easily accessible on a day trip from Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia.

The seven Rila lakes are naturally created glacial lakes and as the name says they are a total of 7 and each one carries a name associated with its most characteristic feature. Salzata  (“The Tear”) due to its clear waters that allow visibility in depth. Okoto (“The Eye”) after its almost perfectly oval form. Babreka (“The Kidney”) after its shape resembling a kidney. Bliznaka (“The Twin”) consisting of inner and outer “twin” that are connected. Trilistnika (“The Trefoil”) after its shape resembling a three-leafed clover. Ribnoto (“Fish lake”) is the shallowest of all and last but not least is Dolnoto ezero (“The Lower lake”), because it’s the lowest of all. Locals and visitors alike believe that this is one of the most beautiful places in the entire country of Bulgaria, and once you visit this beauty, you’ll agree.

Rafting and Kayaking at Struma River

struma river
Source: https://en.adventurenetbg.com/

Get your adrenaline pumping on the rapids of Struma River, the best place for rafting and white-water kayaking in Bulgaria. It’s only one hour drive from Sofia but you don’t have to hurry back to the city, stay for the night at a cozy guesthouse or camp by the river.

The estuary where Kamchia River flows into the Black Sea is a perfect place to see some of the unique Bulgarian nature on offer in the country. Kayaking beginners will be happy to know the water is calm and the route is not exhausting, while those who already know the joy of kayaking, will enjoy the beautiful forest area with many of the trees being more than 150 years old and lianas stretching down to the water.

Skiing in Pomporovo

Source: https://sofiaadventures.com/

If you are not able to decide upon the things to do in Bulgaria in winter, then this is the place you should go. Pamporovo is a renowned ski destination in the Smolyan province of Bulgaria. Located in the heart of Rhodope Mountains, this winter sport resort has snowboarding and skiing facilities, especially for beginners.

Bulgaria is said to have the longest skiing season and enjoying winter sports here is one among the most fun activities to do in Bulgaria holiday. Ski rentals are easily available near ski runs and lift stations, located in Mechi Chal, Chepelare in Pamporovo.

Scuba diving in Black sea

black sea
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/406590672585672911/

You would be surprised by the diversity of the dive sites in the country. There will be underwater caves, underwater forests and a wide vareity of gorgeous marine life. Discover sunken aircraft, submarines, World War II ships, and torpedo boats along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast as you immerse yourself in another, mystical and eerie world.

Paragliding in the outskirts of Sofia

things to do in bulgaria
Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/

Vitosha Mountain is located right next to the Bulgaria capital and as well enjoying it for the numerous hiking options, you will love it as a paragliding spot. Paragliding is a somewhere in between relaxation and an adrenaline rush depending on whether you choose a relaxed panoramic flight or a thrilling acrobatic flight. All you need is enthusiasm and comfortable hiking shoes, leave the rest to the professional instructors from Sky Camp.

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