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Booking a Reindeer experience in Finland

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With roughly the same amount of reindeer as there are people in Lapland, it’s no wonder this ethereal creature is a national icon to Finland. Just one mention of reindeer conjures up childhood tales of flying sleighs and Santa Clause!

Talking about Reindeers, Finnish Lapland and Reindeer seem perfectly in sync. When in Lapland – any time of year – not spotting a reindeer is close to a miracle, as they often feed close to roads and dwellings. Spotting them while skiing is not unusual, either.

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The Sami are the last remaining indigenous people in the European Union. They possess a rich cultural heritage and are known for their close connection to the land and nature.

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One does not go to Finnish Lapland and not experience a reindeer ride. There’s nothing quite like being pulled along in a reindeer sleigh in -15°C conditions, with the sun setting in a glorious pastel shade haze. There is something incredibly romantic about the calm serenity and the sheer isolation of the frozen landscape when it is just you, your beloved, the reindeers and guide. When in here, take a calm and peaceful reindeer sleigh ride or make an unforgettable farm visit to see the life of reindeer. There are plenty of activities that you can do with reindeer – try hunting aurora borealis with them, feed them, or just combine reindeer activity with another activity. 

For the Reindeer experience, I’d suggest that you get hold of the local tour operators in Lapland itself and ask them to book the safari for you. All you have to do is pay. You can visit the local reindeer farms in Lapland allows you to meet the reindeer herders who live there and get to know more about their lives. You can feed the reindeer and take part in sleigh rides. This activity offers great photo taking opportunities as you explore the wilderness. You can also experience reindeer sleigh rides in Santa’s village, Rovaniemi, which is the best in Finland.

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Best time for Reindeer experience

That being said, winter in Lapland can span across six months of the year. Snow starts to fall as early as October and can stay around as late as April. So, if you want to make the most of Lapland’s winter activities, you’ll want to visit from December to March.

How Long is a typical Reindeer Safari?

There is no set time for a Reindeer Safari in Finland. Most herders or farms offer varying lengths of safari with the longest being all day. We’d suggest that a half day tour is is an ideal amount of time. That way, you get plenty of time riding the sleigh, but it should also include lunch and a visit to the reindeer farm. Spending time with the reindeer at the reindeer farm is an experience to cherish.


Prices for a Reindeer Safari in Lapland will vary throughout the region; however, here are the approximate rates:

  • 1-3 hours: €120-170 per person Approx.
  • 3-6 hours: €170-300 per person Approx.
  • 6-8 hours: €300-400€ per person Approx.
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