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Baraadsar Lake Trek

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There’s something about the mighty and majestic Himalayas that we can never have enough of it. Different locations, different treks can bring such different experiences each time. If you’re looking to be spellbound by a high-altitude lake with an interesting story then maybe Baraadsar is the one that you need to visit.

How to reach: Fly down to Dehradun and then take a local bus or taxi till Sankri village. Alternatively, you can fly down to Delhi and then travel by road till Dehradun. This adds a travel time of 7-8 hours though.

Best time to trek/visit: mid-May to June, September and October

Duration: 8-9 days

Difficulty: Moderate

Altitude: 14,107 ft approximately

Trek route: The route will of course depend on what you decide with your local trekking guide, but possible options include:

Dehradun – Sankri – Pithari – Barthatra Thatch – Dhaldhar Meadows – Devbasa – Baraadsar Lake – Baraadsar Summit – Devbasa – Vasaped – Bhitri – Dehradun

baraadsar lake trek
Source: http://thecamp360.com/tour/baraadsar-lake/

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Day 1: Dehradun – Sankri

Approximate Distance – 186kms (takes between 6 – 8 hours depending upon the road conditions)

On Day 1 just arrive in Dehradun and then make your way to Sankri. Since the drive can take anything between 6 – 8 hours, how about using this time to get to your fellow travellers? From the introductions to the games of dumb charades, antakshari and what not, a trip is off to a good start when a group gets their energies going together from the first day itself. After the long drive you will reach Sankri. The village of Sankri is the starting point for some of the best treks offered in Uttarakhand such as Kedarkantha, Ruinsara Tal, Har Ki Dun, etc. So, are you game for making this a double bonanza and throwing in a few more treks?! ? Haha, okay okay, how about Baraadsar first.

Day 2: Sankri – Pithari – Barthatra Thatch

Altitude – Pithari – 8084 ft, Barthatra thatch – 9485 ft

Approximate Distance – The drive till Pithari takes roughly 3 – 4 hours. Pithari to Barthatra thatch trek – 2.6kms

This is the day when your trek actually starts. You will first drive down to the village of Pithari and then commence your trek. The pretty Pithari is not just a treat for its companionship with nature but also for the cultural highlights it lets you catch a glimpse of. As it is one of the oldest villages found in that part of the country, it lets you witness some olden style houses built with pinewood from the area itself. For the most the trek doesn’t present much on a challenge on this day. You will reach Barthatra Thatch by evening. “Thatch” is the colloquially used term for clearings amidst forests. A true signature of Himalyan hills, your campsite will let you explore vast grasslands stretching around, lined with pine trees on the edges to give a typical forest fragrance to your humble abode.

Day 3: Barthatra Thatch – Dhaldhar Meadows

Altitude – 11,916 ft

Approximate Distance – 4.17 km

As the ascent increases today, your walk has you passing between thick forests to clearings, to rows of trees and shrubs cropping out. But the best part of this day is that you gradually begin to catch a glance of peaks in the distance, peaks topped with a creamy white layer that makes us all rejoice. You can spot the Black Peak, Swargarohini and the Baraadsar peak too! With the sight of snow-capped peaks in mind, you will make your way to the Dhaldhar meadows. Wildflowers run about into each other with violet, red and white all springing up before your eyes, amidst the needles of grasses. The clearing here is the dream picnic spot with mountains setting the ideal ambience with their colours going from green to brown to white in one single frame.

Dhaldhar Meadows
Source: https://www.harkidun.org/baraadsar-lake/

Day 4: Dhaldhar Meadows – Devbasa

Altitude – 12,267 ft

Approximate Distance – 6kms

The trail gets treacherous on this day, so make sure to have your footing sound and steady. Day 4 has you walking along a narrow ridge for the most part but making significant altitude jumps too. You’ll find yourself standing at an intersection, that too a very beautiful one, as on one side it offers you a green bouquet of meadows while the other side showcases the massive peaks with their snow-topped heads. Let the increased adventure give your soul that sense of thrill, as you carefully make your way across. Your reward for the day’s efforts wait for you at the campsite. What reward? Well, how about Baraadsar Peak right before your eyes!

Day 5: Devbasa to Baraadsar Lake via Baraadsar Summit and back to Devbasa

Altitude – Baraadsar Lake – 14,764 ft, Baraadsar Summit – 15,092 ft

Approximate Distance – 7.7 km

Once again, the trail today would be a demanding one. But it is also the day you have waited for the most, after all you will finally get to acquaint yourself with Baraadsar Lake itself! But before that, wake up early to catch the sunrise where the universe’s strongest creature shines bright upon all the peaks who have seemingly made a cocoon around you. With this sight in your mind and the promise of something wonderful waiting for you, make your way along the path. At parts it gets narrow and portions of the climb get steep. Keep your cool and keep going to reach Baraadsar. Baraadsar Lake is a stunning alpine lake wearing a crown of massive peaks on its head as they seem to surround it. The lake lays calmly even as you get excited after having finally made it! Interestingly, the lake is deemed to be sacred by the locals. They believe that a wish made to the lake is a wish that never goes unfulfilled. So, what are you going to wish for? Or was the wish a sight of the lake itself? ?

Day 6: Devbasa to Vasaped

Altitude – Vasaped – 10,076 ft

Approximate Distance – 11 km

On day 6 your descend begins and it too is going to be a steep one. The longest hike up until this point, the day has you crossing zig zag paths laden with many leaves. You will pass through throngs of oak trees that stand huddled up as if in close conversation. You will reach Vijay Top, a point for some scenic views. And through the trees and the wilderness, you make your way to the campsite.

Source: https://www.bikatadventures.com/Home/Itinerary/baraadsar-lake-trek

Day 7: Vasaped to Bhitri via Saaru Taal

Altitude – 7743 ft

Approximate Distance – 8.2 km

It’s the last day of trekking around, so, muster up all that you’ve got and trek back. You may have a chance to witness from hilly region birdlife during this leg of the trek. What’s more, you even get to see a charming little lake by the name of Saaru Taal. When you reach your shelter for the day, make sure to not crash. Resting can wait one more day, how about sitting with your group and remembering all the memories made within the week?

Day 8: Bhitri to Dehradun

Approximate Distance – 200kms drive

As you start your journeys back home with this drive, I’m sure a lot will be playing on your mind, from the breath-taking lake to the peaks, the forests and the meadows and both, the locals as well as fellow trekkers.

Saaru Taal
Source: himalayanhikers.in/baraadsar-lake-trek/

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