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Trip Leader Niyati on Why Staycations are a great way to travel post pandemic

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When you have been cooped up inside your place and inside your area for what feels like an entire year, what would you not trade to get outside, right? Oh, the thrill of adventure, of travel, of exploring new places its all so enticing. And yet, a voice of reason says that hey, we stayed at home for a reason, are we ready to simply spring right back into things the way they were? Pa ra pa pa pa! Presenting to you an early Christmas gift from Santa, tied with ribbons of gorgeous views and a wrapping paper of relaxation, ladies and gentlemen, the gift is none other than a STAYCATION!

Leading a staycation Rishikesh and Mussorie this October 17th! Click here for details!

What Is a Staycation?

A staycation or as the name has lately picked up, a “holi-stay”, is a vacation where you head to a nearby place or property for relaxation or leisure. The thought process is to pick a place where you would be happy just being in your surroundings, so, although you may go about exploring too, more than that you enjoy just laying about and enjoying your time at the place itself. It is typically associated with the idea of rejuvenating oneself. There are some who take on luxurious staycations at fancy resorts to sink into the plush life. Meanwhile, there are also those who like you and me (yes, I assume you are on my team ?) like their staycation to be a quaint and cosy one at a small location, ideally closer to nature than anything else. It is all about indulging in what the generation of today romanticizes as the “slow life”. And, although highly romanticized, one cannot deny that the slow life does sound good, right? Think of it. Open up your window to find a view aside, lay in the grass and read a book that you’ve been stalling for way too long, explore parts of your playlist that you have long forgotten and start to hum to that music yet again, take long walks at whatever pace you please not just to workout but more so for the sake of strolls and the calm they bring to you. A staycation is about appreciating and immersing yourself not the smaller and simpler joys of life. What are the simple joys that keep you smiling?

staycations in india
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A Staycation That I Want To Take

You know how when the lockdown started at first we all jumped right into a bunch of activities? Then we lost step with them along the way. Some we rediscovered, some we forgot and “life as we know it” adopted a whole new meaning of its own. While my friends and I would converse, the question that would occasionally pop up would be “Which place would you head to the moment travel opens up?”. Initially the question met a series of colourful answers, from exotic islands that I was writing articles about to trek trails that I kept stalking online. But overtime, as we got further from travel, all I kept thinking was that I just want to be a little closer to nature. I sulked that the view from my balcony was another building and at the same time I was appreciative of all that I still had. Thus, the desire also evolved into a simpler form, but you know what? It was just as dreamy.

The answer had now become any place that lets me feel closer to nature. Any place where I can probably dip my feet in a cold river stream and shriek with laughter as I feel its chills. Any place where I look out the window and see some form of greenery, whether tropical or mountains or a jungle or forested land, all my eyes sought was the colour green in its rawest and most beautiful form. Any place where I could take long walks without bumping into people, where I could hear birds or the chirpings of nature more than I would hear the honking noise. Any place where I could just sit with a handful of friends and have us share stories and laugh the night away. Perspective has a magical way of transforming, right? The fancy destinations and their names still exist on my tongue but for a different time and period. This, right here, right now, my only wish is open skies, a little on the greener side, a little less on the concrete.

Staycation to Rishikesh and Mussoorie with On His Own Trip

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So, as we waited with bated breath for travel to reopen (yes, bated breath, I shall be super dramatic thanks to all my pining ?), we finally heard of states cooperating and starting to welcome visitors with requisite safety measures. A number of names again came to mind to explore but a little something tugged at my heart to finally take that staycation that I had been sighing for like a black and white film’s character! What better place than Rishikesh to do this? In recent years the Rishikesh that we have all come to know is the one with the cafes and the act of café hopping. But If you go a little further back and allow yourself to head to its far-off properties, you’ll find yourself in a place far from the throngs of tourists and crowds. You’ll find yourself in the midst of forested land, with trees looming over slightly, grass grinning back at the sunshine and of course, waterfalls laying hidden for you to explore and River Ganga whispering with its waves in the background. Rishikesh was a no-brainer, a sure choice.

But remember the saying, “Yeh Dil Maange More”? Uff, it maybe wrong to be greedy but it sure as hell feels good at times! ? The greed for this much-awaited escape thus snowballed into wanting a bit of that mountain air too. I mean come October the scent of the pine trees, the pleasant and cold hair playing with your cheeks and your hair, the trails that you could go around wandering about, ah, the temptation was too much! So, we clubbed Rishikesh with Mussoorie because well, why should we not have all the fun?!

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Source: https://www.yatrablog.com/4-hotels-in-india-for-a-perfect-staycation

Then there came the noise from the working ones. “Yaar, you are so lucky, our boss toh won’t give leaves”. Well, hello working peeps, we decided to make this a workation too. When your office has you working remotely then why not exploit it? Ahem! Yes, so, bring your laptops along and work with a view which is not just on your screensaver but actually in front of your eyes. Take a nice morning walk, get to work and post work use your time to explore the nearby areas with your new friends!

Leading a staycation Rishikesh and Mussorie this October 17th! Click here for details!

And, of course, since this is an On His Own Trip staycation it isn’t going to be just the basic relaxation one. There’s going to be fun games, theme nights, dancing in the middle of roads to hilltops, singing of songs besides rivers to wherever the heart pleases, conversing with strangers to make friends instead of just being on video calls and a riot of craziness shall follow. It’s been a long time coming and you know and I both know that you’ve earned this escape. So, are you in the mood for a vacation? Or shall we say, staycation?!

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