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Dayara Bugyal Trek

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Maximum Altitude: 11978 ft

Duration: 6 days

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

In the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand lay spectacular meadows for you to trek and explore. “Bugyal” in the regional language refers to high altitude pasture land. And one of the prettiest bugyals in sight is Dayara Bugyal. With a trail that takes you through thick forests and a stream greeting you occasionally, we present to you a picture-perfect trek. Beds of dried maple leaves and oak trees will be your companions through the way. Panoramic open lands and lush green meadows await. With the onset of winter, specs of snow shall be the cherry on top on this trek.

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The trek begins in Natin, and from here you start walking in the mountains. From the little village of Natin the much-admired peaks of Gangotri – 1, 2 and 3 – as well as the peak of Srikand Mahadev are visible. As you start ascending, these peaks become much more starkly visible. Take a minute, strike a pose and get that picture that you’ll be dying to post!

This trek is a nature lover’s paradise. You will be walking through dense carpets of rich forests. The trail will take you through rows of trees after trees drowned in maple leaves. You will visit meadows after meadows stretching far and wide, with snow clad mountain peaks falling in the backdrop to treat your eyes.

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The campsites on this trek are also very pretty. Most of them are open clearings with forests and mountain tops surrounding them.

On the way you will cross Barnala meadows. In the meadows head to the Nag Devta temple which is perched prettily next to a pond, or as it is colloquially referred, “tal”. The walk to the temple is a steep one but worth the while because as the evening sun makes its way home, the entire Gangotri range lights up in orange hues. Kalanag, Srikhand Mahadev, and finally Draupadi ka Danda will all come out to say hello to you. Try to name as many peaks as possible or more importantly if you can’t name them just let your eyes be mesmerized by their beauty. Let’s get lost in these views!

dayara bugyal campsite
Source: IG handle @_arunvenkatesh

The highlight of the trek is the Dayara Bugyal top. From the Barnala Taal, move right and enter the forest where the well laid out stone trail awaits you. You will start to spot Chania huts, as you move towards the edge of the meadows.

As you touch Dayara Top standing at a mighty 12,057 ft, you will also spot the stunning snow-clad peaks of Gangotri and Bandarpoonch. Thick forests merged in clouds, a stream sometimes gliding through, a trail flocked with endless trees to a stunning sight of high-altitude peaks, make this a trekkers paradise!

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The billowing meadows stretch for as far as your eyes can see. And the mountain ranges wall perfectly behind them in the backdrop. It is as if you have walked into one of your childhood paintings or sceneries!

Let the tranquility of the place take over you as you see the undulating terrain powered in parts with snow. This sounds like a dreamy set up straight out of a movie, so, in true filmy style break out into a dance and have your own magical moment!

Best Time to Visit

September – June is the best time to visit. The forests and bugyals are the greenest after the monsoon season. But if you want snow, then I suggest you visit between December – February.

How to Reach

The drive from Dehradun to Natin is 7-8 hours. You can take a flight or a train to reach Dehradun.

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