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Things To Carry: Sri Lanka March 2022

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Glad you booked our Sri Lanka March 2022 trip and we hope you are mighty excited. Thought we’d share a list of things to keep in mind, and carry for the trip.

Requirements for Flying into Sri Lanka:
1. Final certificate of your vaccination. Please note that you must have completed 14 days after recommended doses of vaccination.
2. A negative RTPCR done within 72 hours of embarkation
3. Health Declaration Form
4. ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). Getting a Sri Lanka Tourist Visa is simple and 100% online. As an Indian passport holder you only need to apply for an online visa. Sri Lanka will issue travellers an ETA that allows you to enter the country for 30 days.

1)  Visa : Those of you who have not applied for the Visa, please do so. Click here to apply
Sri Lanka address for Visa: Ivy Lane hotel Colombo
Let me know if you are facing any issues.
2)  For the trip, also carry a copy of your passport along with original passport, and 4 p-p size photographs.
3) Regarding currency, you’ll be able to convert your money at Colombo airport, or you can withdraw even from local ATMs (check with your bank first to see if your card will work). You will spend approx Rs 10000 plus Scuba/Water sports/Whale watching (Rs 10000-12000).
4) It’s  close to the equator, so the sun will be quite strong. Carry lots of sunscreen, sun glasses, caps/sunny hats, tees, shorts. The colour of the sea will be lovely, so there is potential for some great photos. So carry whatever you want to wear. Do get your swimwear- trunks, costumes, cos we will be playing in the sea.
5) Nuwara Eliya, being a hill town might be a little chilly. Don’t forget to carry a jacket.
6) Carry a good pair of sports shoes, or hiking/trekking shoes for the hike to World’s end.
7) Flip flops/sandals/slippers.
8)  It would be awesome if you have a pair of music speakers and could get them. Could use it for our night party sessions.
9)  Beach ball/frisbee/uno cards/ playing cards/ taboo cards.
10) Weather will be mostly sunny, but rain has been forecasted on few days, so if you want to carry a raincoat please do so.
11) We are trying our bit to make the planet a better place so we do not encourage people carrying or buying plastic bottles. It will be nice if you can each get your own bottle, and we can keep filling it up wherever we stay or visit.
12) Girls, we would recommend you carry sanitary pads/tampons considering how many women have irregular period cycles during travel.
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