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2019’s Best Moments with On His Own Trip: What Trippers Said

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Recently we put up a post on our Fb page asking trippers to share their favourite moment with us in 2019. The comments poured in generously and find below, five special experiences posted by some lovely trippers.

Radhika Jalan (Trip Leader:Neeraj; Trip: Kashmir)

Captainnnnnn, there are just so so many amazing moments that I can think of. The first would be, I had the most beautiful start to the year 2019 all because of you. From experiencing my first snowfall ❄️ to finding myself so comfortable with people I had only just met. You made me do better as a person and push my own limits. That’s my first thing which I would absolutely be the most thankful for.
That, itself made me have the most amazing year. 2019, has been so different so dam unique for me and you’ve played a major role in all of this.

Coming to my most favourite trip!

Kashmir 2019,

I have only dreamed of going there and for me to have actually visited still seems unreal. Neeraj Narayanan, your spontaneity w everything was literally the highlight of the trip. From trekking into the unknown to having a movie moment where there was search-rescue team sent for us, that was super fun btw. The thrill, exhilaration I felt throughout the trip was beyond anything I can express. I loved everything ♥️

Can’t wait to spend more memories w you and the little family that I’ve now. I really miss you all.

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Mehak Singh (Trip Leader: Neeraj; Trip: Kashmir, Europe, Meghalaya)

Nero you have given me some of my best experiences in 2019 and it won’t be easy to list them all here but to mention a few-

1. MY first snowfall in Kashmir

2 sliding on the frozen lake

3 sitting on top of the bus in Meghalaya

4 All the treks and waterfalls

5. Magic of dolphins

6. All the unconditional love and happiness

7 And my favourite Bear hug
Thank you for everything..thank you for being there?

friends like family

Shreenivas Raju (Trip Leader:Sakshi; Trip: Kashmir, Bali)

1) Every single day spent in the Gili islands (Bali trip – May 2019)

2) Stargazing as a whole group bunched up under one big quilt in the freezing cold by Pangong Lake (Ladakh trip – May 2019) as already pointed out by my Brotherman Amol Anand Tiwari

3) That whole magical day spent in Bruges (Eurotrip – October 2019)

4) The whole Gulmarg leg prior to New Year’s Day…especially the snow cycling (Kashmir trip Dec 2019 / Jan 2020)

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Harpreet Kaur (Trip Leader: Neeraj and Sakshi; Trip: Rajasthan)

Rajasthan Dec 2019 –
Travelling with On his own trip that too with two of the most wonderful trip leaders Neeraj Narayanan and Sakshi Pant was a surreal experience.
The trip had it all- laughter, fun, friendship, adventures, games, dance, emotions and love?
Every moment on the trip was special, be it the tiger spotting or the sunset at pushkar, the hilarious truth and dare (specially the dares?), the fun Contact or Random. The best part about the trip was the bond that we shared, staying up until the wee hours of the morning so that we could spend maximum time with each other.
It was my first solo trip and I am so glad I did it with you guys? you’re the best!

Radhika Kulthia (Trip Leader: Neeraj and Niyati; Trip: Valley of Flowers)

Valley of Flowers, Aug 2019:
I bet there’s more than one moment which I loved about the trip. Right from meeting each other for the first time in Bangalore to being completely inseparable on the trip, I loved everything about it. I formed a very strong bond with Niyati as well and the time spend together was one of the best times of my life. Thanks to you guys as you both play a major role in it. So much that I would do anything for you both. Yes, you are loved.❤️
My favourite moment would be:

1. Our late night sessions and the trek from Ghangaria to Govind Ghat. We didn’t even realize when the 9 Km trek ended. Together the three of us spent some amazing time. From dancing and twirling around foolishly while trekking to hugging each other when we talked about something emotional, we have made some amazing memories which has made our bond stronger than ever!

2. The games we used to play with the trippers. Ah! Our UNO sessions and the fights which go hand in hand.

3. Lastly, when you told me that you are proud of me for completing the trek before any other tripper did. ?
Thanks for not leaving me even for a second on the trip. I miss it. Take me back!

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