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Best Time To Visit Spiti

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Spiti Valley

Every year we do multiple trips to Spiti, and have explored it thoroughly. So we do know exactly how it is every month.

The best time to visit Spiti is its summer season – from mid June to end of July.  Earlier Spiti was quite accessible from early June, but last two years the winters have been colder, there has been more snow, and therefore its only after mid June that the passes from Manali open.

Temperatures range from 15-17 degrees in the day, to low single digits at night, in this season.

In August, the temperature is still fine, but this is when the monsoons are strongest in Himachal, and there are a lot of landslides. So doing a Spiti road trip in August isn’t the best idea.

Early September, you can head to Spiti again. By end of September it starts becoming colder, especially in places like Chandrataal lake, which is one of the top highlights. So, its best to visit Chandrataal either in June-July or early September.

Most hotels shut down from October to March because of the extreme cold.

The sky is very clear during season. You can see a million stars in the night sky.

Festival: Ladarcha fair in July is the biggest festival of Spiti.

You can check out Spiti holidays here.

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