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Best Time To Visit Tawang

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best time to visit tawang

Every year we do multiple trips to Tawang, and have explored it thoroughly. So we do know exactly how it is every month.

The best time to visit Tawang is from April to June, and September to November end.  There is a lot of snow from January to March, and it might block the routes to Bumla Pass and even Sangetsar Lake. So it is advisable to got to Tawang from end of March, early April onwards. In April, you will still see a lot of snow but the routes would not be blocked.

Lake Sangetsar looks most beautiful in the months of April and May. It is also known as Madhuri lake after the song featuring the actress  in the movie ‘Koyla’ was shot here.

By September, the rains have ended. Everything is green and beautiful. The rivers are full, and the mountains are teeming with flora.

Temperatures are around 10 -18 degrees in the day, and in single digits at night, in these two months

In July and August there is a lot of rain, and roads in these mountains will be prone to landslides and could be risky to travel.

From January to March, there would be a lot of snowfall, making travelling very difficult as many passes close. .

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