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How To Reach Tirthan Valley

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People living in North India and people visiting North India, are you in search of a weekend getaway? Because one of the best weekend getaway options near the city of Delhi NCR is the valley that goes by the name of Tirthan. A Himachali delight in every way, this valley is home to multiple villages such as Shoja, Jibhi, Sharchu, Bahu and more. With mountains enveloping it on all ends and a river bustling away in the centre, Tirthan makes for the ideal pretty scenery. Grab a nice hot cup of tea, sit by the riverside with the mountains in the back and just sink into a state of sheer bliss.

Nearest Airport: While Kullu Manali airport (Bhuntar airport) is the closest one to Tirthan in terms of its proximity, the airport has very limited flights. Plus flights there are generally more expensive than other options and due to its location the weather plays a role too in landings there. 

The other nearest options of airports in major cities are Chandigarh and Delhi. These offer you better connectivity for flight options.

Road Distance and Travel Time: Chandigarh to Tirthan Valley – 256 kms, 8 hours

Delhi to Tirthan Valley – 488.5 kms,  13 hours

Best time to visit: Though you can visit Tirthan in the summer season too when the river flow is more and the waterfall too has water, we personally recommend visiting Tirthan in the winter months. At that time, the valley is all shrouded in snow and is so pretty that you needn’t even do much, you can simply take in the sight and be pleased.

With that in mind, the months of January and February are favourable for visiting Tirthan Valley.

Tirthan Valley Group Trips
Where To Stay:

Trishla Resort is our favourite! We’ve been going there for years and with their location that allows you a private access to the riverside and their stellar hospitality, this makes for a scenic and cosy stay option.

For solo travellers Mudhouse Hostel is a good choice as it allows you to meet for solo travellers and take on adventures together. Opt for this only if you’re comfortable with dorm sharing style rooms. 

In case you are one who relishes luxury then Gone Fishing Cottages is a higher end option which is done with plush tones and makes for a beautiful stay.

Group Trips Himachal

Places Of Interest:

So, when in Tirthan where all can you head out and what places can you see?

  • Seroslar Lake is the crowned jewel of Tirthan Valley. The low lying lake surrounded by mountains gives you a postcard worthy moment. In winter months the lake even freezes giving you a chance to see a frozen lake!
  • Rajmachi Fort is a trek on the opposite side of Seroslar Lake. This trek too starts from Jalori Pass itself. Although referred to as a fort, it is actually a small structure. The highlight of this trek are the panoramic views it offers surrounded by snow all over.
  • Chaini Kothi is the tallest structure in the valley, an ancient watch tower covered in mystery that gives you a taste of the local life led by the inhabitants of the village.
  • Jibhi waterfalls, however, please check with the locals about the water depending on the season in which you’re visiting.
  • Sharchu and Bahu villages are good picks too for those intrigued by the actual mountain life of the locals to get an authentic cultural experience and takeaway from the villagers themselves. 

How To Reach Tirthan Valley

How To Reach:


You can pick between Bhuntar airport, Chandigarh airport and Delhi airport depending on which one works out economically feasible for you.


You can take a train till Ambala or Delhi and then continue by road from there.


Most travellers kickstart their visit to Tirthan from well-connected cities such as Chandigarh or Delhi from where you can travel by road till there.

Road Travel Options

You can either hire a private vehicle for the entirety of your journey or you can take a volvo bus from Chandigarh or Delhi. The volvo bus will drop you off at Aut tunnel. From there you can hire a private taxi to take you to Tirthan, this usually takes about 1 and a half hours time.

Hope you plan your weekend getaway to Tirthan soon and are as charmed by it as us!

We organize tours to Tirthan Valley every January and February. Do get in touch if you;d like to come along someday. 🙂

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