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World’s Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji 2020

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This August, brace yourself as Amazon Prime brings to you the World’s Toughest Race. The ten episode show starts on August 14, and will be aired in 200 countries.

The series is inspired by the Eco Challenge world’s Multi Day Expedition Adventure Race created by Mark Burnett. Aired on tv between 1995 and 2002, it returns this year with Bear Grylls, arguably the most adventurous man on the planet, as its host.

It’s not a normal adventure race. The threat for anyone is not the other teams, its the rugged, terrifying, beautiful course.

The non-stop race took place over 11 days as 330 people from 30 countries, divided into teams of five, battled pain, exhaustion, overwhelming odds to push themselves and complete the race.

adventure activities

The trailer is super exciting, and there are brilliant visuals of Fiji, as the participants go kayaking, rafting, paddling through raging rivers; as they bicycle through mud and marshes, and run through jungles infested with leeches, spiders and snakes; as they slither and monkey crawl over ropes tied between two mountains as a ferocious river threatens to engulf them if they fall; as they go rappelling through waterfalls and much much more. It is 671 kms of pure adventure and heart stopping footage!

Grylls says that he wept many times through the show, seeing the effort and what it meant to the competitors.

Bear Grylls

Team India known as ‘Team Khukhuri’ is represented by twin climbers – Tashi and Nungshi Malik. The Malik sisters became the youngest twins to do the ‘seven summits’ – summit the highest peak of each continent. They have also skied to the North and South Poles. There are three other team members – Brandon Fisher, Praveen Singh and Col VS Malik (father of Tashi and Nungshi).

Team Australia (Team Aussie Rescue) has Mark Wales (a former SAS troop commander who served in the Australian military for 16 years including four in Aghanistan ; Josh Lynott (athlete and travel photographer); Morgan Coull (National level sprinter turned into adventure racer. Also Paramedic) ; Samantha Gash (endurance athlete).

Guess that tells you the abilities of the 330 people chosen for the toughest race in the world!

To all the athletes, from the team at On His Own Trip,  as the Fijians say, “Ni sa bula vinaka” (Wishing you happiness and good health!)

Click here to read about the applications invited for Patagonia in World’s Toughest Race!

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