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Why Everyone Should Trek Atleast Once In Their Lifetime

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Few days back I posted a story on Instagram asking “What’s stopping you to go on a trek?”

Here are few responses:

“I am not sure if I will be able to survive in the outdoors. Have never stayed in a tent”

“I am a little intimidated by treks and don’t know where to start”

“Scared of heights”

“Don’t have anyone to go with”

“I have planned many times but always ended up in Goa”

And what about you? Have you been on a trek or are you also contemplating? Maybe you have some other reasons, and I get that going on that first trek can be a little overwhelming. So today I’ll tell you why everyone should go on a trek atleast once in their lifetime.

To overcome your fears

As Edmund Hillary has rightly said “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” I admit trekking can be difficult. You will face obstacles, you will stop regularly to catch your breath, you will get tired and you might even want to quit midway. But the triumph you feel after completing the trek as you stand on the summit is unmatchable. You feel accomplished and that feeling is what makes people go back again and again. 

To get close with nature

You will be the among the select few who can be up and personal with mother nature. As you trek, you can listen to the soothing murmur of streams and joyful chirping of the birds, observe some of the exotic plants and animals in their natural habitat and gradually imbibe the rejuvenating serenity that surrounds you. “Mountains are calling and you must go” – I know it’s a cliché but it’s a cliché for reason. That’s why you must go.

To discconect from the chaotic world

We live in the world of social media. We are consumed with information and lots of it. And so, when you are on a trek, away from the hustle bustle and disconnected from the outside world – that’s when you let go and enjoy little moments. That’s when you let your mind wander and connect with yourself. Our mind has only enough vacant space to store and process thoughts. These everyday life issues take up all of that space. The space that should actually be given to creativity is taken over. Trekking is like meditation and it helps you declutter these thoughts to make more space. While you trek up, the only thing you can afford to think about is the climb, your breathing, your steps, and the beauty around you. It is a complete way of experiencing zen, a state of mind that will leave you free of all worries. I was leading a trek once and there was a girl who was going through some personal crisis. She told me how she felt free in the mountains and that when she treks, she forgets all her worries. That’s what trekking does to you. It makes you happy!

To be a better person

For mountains don’t only make you happy, they teach you humility and patience. As Neeraj says in his book “This Guy’s On his own Trip” – “If you want to know a person, travel with him. If you want to know him in and out, climb a mountain with him. Go up a mountain with him for seven days. See how he speaks of the skies and the earth. See if he helps those who aren’t as strong or fit as him. See not just ‘if’ but also how he helps them. See how he reacts when his own strength leaves him and he is tired. See his eyes when you see something beautiful. By the time you come down, you might love each other a lot more, or you might never want to know each other again. The mountains teach you a lot.”

To get an experience of a lifetime

It is true that you are never the same person once you have been on a trek. A trek is truly an experience of a lifetime, making you realize the joy in even the smaller things and lets you focus on your presentation rather than the past or the future. A trek can give you a lifetime experience by giving you some of the best moments and views, letting you meet some of the most interesting people and even more interesting encounters.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your trekking gear, pack your rucksack. It’s time to trek!

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