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What To Eat In Your Mauritius Holiday

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Mauritius has been quite the popular tourist destination for a long time now. Whether you’re headed on your honeymoon, with your family or with your gang of friends, the experience of a location as gorgeous as this can be made so much better if you know the right kind of food to eat here! So, here’s a look at the dishes to explore while exploring on foot too in Mauritius:

Manioc Goujons

Manioc Goujons
Source: https://www.truehab.com/holiday/your-guide-to-the-authentic-mauritian-street-food

In Mauritius your taste buds can surely relish a lot but they won’t find themselves surprised by a lot. The Indian influence has seeped into their flavours too or maybe it has been vice-versa as well. Needless to say a number of dishes here will remind you of ones back home. This includes farata the Mauritian take on parantha. So, when you’re feeling like having a snack, go get yourself a plate of fried casava chips called magnioc goujons which do look a lot like good old pakodas, don’t they?


Source: https://www.truehab.com/holiday/your-guide-to-the-authentic-mauritian-street-food

To get your tongue clicking with the taste of tanginess, there’s achard vegetables or pickled vegetables. This includes carrots, ginger, French beans, red chillies and more. The legumes are pickled and taste like the touch of piquancy you need to the side of any of your meals.

Dholl Puri

dhol puri
Source: https://www.internationalcuisine.com/mauritius-dholl-puri/

Meet the yellow split wrap or the desi-fied version of tortillas. These thin finely done wraps are touched with fresh vegetables and pickles alike to serve as quite the flavourful on the go snack. You can even carry it for your packed meals during sightseeing.


Source: https://www.internationalcuisine.com/mauritius-prawn-rougaille/

Can you really go to a tropical destination and not get a taste of some good old sea food? The wait is over and you can finally bite on some much-loved prawns! These freshwater prawns are prepared in a hot tasting sauce, more commonly referred to as a creole sauce rich in herbs and spices in its make.

Fish Vindaye

fish vindave
Source: https://brindabungaroo.com/recipes/snacks-canapes/mauritian-fish-vindaye/

Don’t worry fish lovers, recommendations for you are not much further behind! Meet the fish vindaye. Vindaye in itself is often an accompaniment to many dishes and snacks in the country’s cuisine. Specifically, with fish it tastes like quite a treat thanks to the texture of the meat to which this so heavily lends. Vindaye compromises of a number of things but its star ingredients are mustard, turmeric and vinegar giving the fish quite a pungent yet tasty take!

Bol Renverse

bol renverse
Source: http://confessionsofafoodaholic017.blogspot.com/2013/11/bol-renverser-upside-down-bowl.html

Meet the Mauritian biryani, and there are many of those, so, what makes this one different? This is a layered biryani comprising of chicken/seafood, veggies, sauce, well-boiled rice and topped off with a nice egg that goes running through the rice when you cut it. Adding to its uniqueness is the fact that the layered biryani is turned upside down when served and this is believed to make the taste of each of its layers that much more enhanced.

Gateaux Piments

Source: https://tasting.mu/recettes-mauriciennes/gateau-piment/

Ah, if the name had you envisioning some sort of French dish popping up in a tender little size onto a fancy plate…. then I’m sorry! Because as you can see in the image this too looks like another popular snack from around our Indian streets. With lentils and chillies, these finely shaped balls are deep fried heavily so that when you dig in, you feel a nice and solid crunch even as the well-packed ingredients come oozing juicily into your mouth. Of course, the taste gets better with the company of a nice and zesty chutney too.


Source: http://mauritiusfoodlovers.com/2018/10/02/taste-with-us-alouda-vegetarian/

Imagine a hot summery day, and think of what would you need to enjoy that day. How about a nice and chilled drink? A thick shake, an iced drink and you’re good to go, right? Meet the chilled drink from Mauritius that helps you beat the heat and leaves you nice and filled up too. The alouda is essentially an almond milk which with popularity has got different flavours, scoops of ice cream and even chunks of fresh fruit to make it sweeter and tastier.

Mine Frites

Source: https://herislandkitchen.com/mauritius-fried-noodles-mine-frite/

Speaking of things that are tasty how about fried noodles? Of course, authentic noodles are pretty good but there’s something about these noodles tossed in soy sauce and made all the more scrumptious with glazed and crunchy vegetables. A street food in India, this dish in Mauritius can be found in local restaurants, served as a snack and what not. So, if you have a craving for some saucy noodles you shall have no trouble in getting yourself some!


Source: https://traveltriangle.com/blog/mauritius-food/

Now this is a dish that can be quite interesting for the curious ones. You know, how we all love dumplings? Well, most of us. For those folks there’s a treat at Mauritius as the dumplings come served in a nice warm broth tossed with coriander and herbs. Do I hear slurrrrp?

So, foodie friend, what are you most eager to try in Mauritius?

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