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What to do in your Gorgeous Sardinia Holiday!

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In the country of Italy there is just so much to see. Best known for it architectural, religious and historical significance, the country is quite the culturally satiating trip. But it is just as beautiful when it comes to nature too. A popular beach destination for all the water babies headed to Italy is Sardinia. The water has emerald merging into a bright blue thanks to the Emerald Coast. And this along with its hollow coves that adventurers can explore, make it quite the popular holiday destination. And it stays true to the Italian persona by being home to archaeological gems and interesting folk traditions as well.

How to reach: First fly into Rome and from there you can either take a direct flight to Sardinia or you can even opt for a ferry.

Best time to visit: April to June

So, if you’re headed to this idyllic summer destination and are wondering about the places to visit and things to do, then here we have some suggestions for you!


Source: http://www.carloforteturismo.it/Carloforte/EN/cosafare.jsp?idArticolo=60

Sitting in the southwestern part of Sardinia is the ever so scenic Carloforte. This island along with its neighbour Sant’Antioco together come to make the beautiful archipelago of Sulcis. Carloforte is actually home to a number of activities, from diving in its water beds to trekking through its Cala Vinagra region, there’s tons for people to do over here. In fact, if you’re headed here in June you can event attend its famed food and wine festival called Girotonno. Not only that, it is also the host to a spring festival and a sports festival too. So, of course you’ll be awestruck by its splendid beauty but take the time to explore its cultural vibrance as well.


Source: http://www.italia.it/en/travel-ideas/art-and-history/sardinia-and-its-nuraghi.html

Away from the sound of the calling waves in Sardinia, are its charming tower fortresses called “nuraghe”. These monuments trace back to the Nuragic civilization of whom very known is little except for their farming activities. They also led lives as shepherds. So, what makes these structures so intriguing? Well, they date back to a millennia ago! And only a handful continue to stand tall even in today’s time. Ah okay, a handful isn’t right because the island is actually dotted with about 7,000 of them! These open archaeological wonders remain free and open for visitors to explore as they please. Some of the popular ones are: Nuraghe Palmavera , Su Nuraxi, Nuraghe Losa, Nuraghe Orrubiu and Nuraghe Santu Antine. These make for quite the charming experience as their historic remnants stand amongst green grassy lands.


Source: https://www.simplychillout.com/nora-the-very-first-city-of-sardinia/

And if these bits od history have piqued your interest, then head on over to Nora. Why? Well, it just happens to be the first city of Sardinia! Spend a day here just walking around its ancient ruins. You can gently tread through the theatre, the baths and the ancient villas. In true Sardinian style, some of these are overlooking the coast which of course only enhances their beauty! The Castellazzo is a Spanish tower which marks the amalgamation of history and natural beauty effortlessly over here. As you make your way through the market as well, you will find yourself transported to another time period. The influence of the Phoenicians and the Romans comes to life in this part of Sardinia.

Cala Mariolu

4)Cala Mariolu
Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/238901955206936912/?nic_v2=1a2uP0BjK, Picka Solines

Don’t worry beach babies, we haven’t forgotten about the beach fun promised at Sardinia to you! Presenting to you a beach that is regarded as one of the absolute best even in a place like Sardinia which has multiple beaches to offer; meet the Cala Mariolu. This slice of blue beauty is where you can head to plonk in the sand and read a book, to take a dip in the water and swim for as long as you please, to drench the people accompanying you or you to simply sit back and smile at your surroundings. The white sand beach finds itself lined with pebbles that come with a rare pinkish tinge, adding to its views. It is suggested to head here early and make a whole day of it, simply on account of how gorgeous this beach is.


Source: https://siviaggia.it/borghi/castelsardo-cuore-medievale-sardegna/243128/

In the Gulf of Asinara stands what the locals refer to as a “jewel village” that goes by the name of Castelsardo.  Yes, this village is home to a distinct port that overlooks the water enveloping it and thereon leads to streets and regions that speak of a historic time in its life. This burg dates back to the Middle Ages and showcases both, nature’s splendidness as well as fortifications of a flavourful past. This is the ideal spot to spend a few days because it brings to you beaches and also ancient ruins and remnants. Lay back, relax and let yourself walk into another time and age and celebrate that with coolly gushing waters.

Grotte Di Nettuno

grotte di
Source: https://www.turistadimestiere.com/2013/06/grotta-di-nettuno-e-promontorio-di-capo-caccia-sardegna-da-scoprire.html

Nature, wonder, history… it all comes alive in Sardinia’s north-west region where stands the mysterious Grotte Di Netuno. It is the most famous cave in all of Sardinia which was discovered by the modern-day man when a fisherman stumbled upon it in the 18th century. But there is sufficient evidence to indicate that it has existed since the prehistoric era. Earlier visited only by ferry, today you can actually throw on your shoes to climb up its 600 odd steps that lead you right into the mouth of the cave. The fallow deer once lived around here. A visit here is quite gripping as you start off from a wide section in patches, then find yourself in dark and narrow passages which even lead you to crystal clear lakes every now and then! To see this marvel of Mother Earth, make a visit here.

Is Sardinia part of your dream Italy holiday? And if yes, then where would you head first?

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