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Valley Of 72 Waterfalls

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Best I consider myself what people call a “water baby”. Thus, my natural reaction on seeing a waterfall is to…any guesses? Jump, of course! Now there a couple of picturesque places where you may see multiple waterfalls together. I would ask people better travelled than me of how many they have seen. 10? 15? 20? But guess what, there exists a valley with as many as 72 waterfalls! You ask, where this wonder exists? Switzerland. Switzerland really is the land of so many wonders. And just another wonder from their land is Lauterbrunnental, the valley of waterfalls.

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German author, statesman, playwright and poet. When he visited this beautiful place and he penned a poem called “Song of spirits over the waters”. This poem dated 1779, was the valley’s claim to fame, which today sees throngs of visitors. Over the course of an 8 kilometres long hike for over 2-3 hours you can see some of the most scenic waterfalls it has to offer.

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Trümmelbach Falls are a set of 10 glacier waterfalls. These waterfalls can be reached through a series of steps but are literally inside the mountain. They make for the largest underground waterfalls in all of Europe! The 10 cascade and gush together to make what is an unexpected sight. They can collect 20,000 litres of water per second during a thunderstorm.

Staubbach Falls Switzerland
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Meanwhile, the Staubbach Falls are the landmark of this renowned valley. You wonder why? That is because at 287m it is one of Europe’s highest free-falling waterfalls.

Valley of 72 waterfalls
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There is also the Talbach Fall which was once regarded a hidden gem but has gained popularity relatively in recent times. Its beauty lies in how the glistening water comes shooting straight out of a rock to plunge into a seeming cauldron or pot at the bottom, when you look at it all you can see is the thick foam formed by the rushing water.

Talbach Falls Switzerland
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As stunningly beautiful as the valley is, don’t think of it as just a pretty face. Because if you are someone who seeks out to feel that adrenaline rush in your pulse, then know that the valley is a haven for that. You will find people hang gliding through it, you will even find people base jumping off the side of the mountain.

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The waterfalls have a couple of villages at the bottom, surrounded by mountains on sides. Today most of these have more or less got converted into resort towns with gondola rides for the waterfalls to plush properties, enjoying travellers to experience the magic with absolute ease.

So, visit this valley to experience the best of nature. The wondrous waterfalls one after the other, the thrilling activities you can partake in and well the things that only nature can see you where you find yourself gazing at something happily, content, lost in thought. There it is, tucked in the Alps, yet another Swiss gem for you to see but an incomparable Swiss gem at that.

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