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Trout Farming In Barot Valley

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Trout Farming In Barot Valley
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Hello there, foodie travellers! Are you someone who loves to explore new places and while doing so gets stirred not just by its scenic beauty but also by a place’s way of life? Talking to the locals and learning about what they do and their beliefs, observing differences in attires to food habits is also a window into the life of a place. Similarly, there’s a huge bunch of us who like to dabble in the local cuisine. From snacks to full-fledged meals, one of the best part about travelling across India is how it lets you try out dishes you’ve never heard of from one corner to the other.

If you’re planning on visiting Bir Billing’s lesser known but equally beautiful sister, Barot Valley, then you can have a taste of this experience. While ‘siddu’ is the local food popular in both Bir and Barot, in the latter you need to specifically look out for their trout fish! A trip to Barot Valley will have you smiling from ear to ear as the pleasant air greets you. You’ll meet Uhl river here as she meanders across the region with her siblings the tall trees keeping guard of her at all times. Barot is a great pick for those looking for a simplistic yet scenic getaway in Himachal.

Barot Valley Group Trips

Best Time To Visit: March to May, September to November

Places Of Interest: 

  • Rajgundha Valley – Now if trekking has your interest head over to Rajgundha. The trek has you passing through rickety bridges, catching glimpses of a bustling river, befriending a few local villages and making camp at a mountain valley at night.
  • Trout fishing – is a major activity in the valley, so, head over to witness it for yourself?
  • Riverside – the best thing to do in Barot is to just sit by the water, hear its calm sounds and gaze away into the depths of the valley because sometimes the best thing to do is to not to much at all, right? 🙂

Bir Barot Trip Package

Best Time For Trout Fishing: April to October

Our non-vegetarian buddies or even pescetarians (people who don’t eat meat but only eat fish) have the delight of digging into some local flavours by trying out the trout fish in Barot. Uhl river has a good population of the fish and Barot has a dedicated farm for this purpose. Even other than the farm a number of locals go out fishing themselves to catch the fish. Wondering if you can fish yourself? The answer is yes! Angling is a huge activity in this section of Himachal Pradesh and if you’d like to give a shot to fishing during your trip then contact your local host/property in advance to get this arranged. Not a lot of travellers opt for this, so, they may be a little surprised but don’t worry, this can definitely be arranged if you’re visiting in the right season.

So, what plans for dinner? Nothing much, just going to get the fish I caught earlier in the day cooked for our meal tonight! Now that’s a travel story that you won’t get to experience many times, so, go for it!

Taste & Preparation

The majority of fish that we consume is caught from sea water which lends it plentiful amino acids and a particular taste. However, trout fish is caught in freshwater leaving it devoid of these acids and also giving it a different taste from your regular fish. You can consume it in multiple ways depending on whether you like it fried or baked or in the generally preferred curry form as well.

Health Benefits

Trout fish is good for:

  • metabolism
  • healthier aging
  • regulating blood pressure
  • fighting heart diseases
  • better brain and bone health

So, your meal isn’t just tasty but also healthy!

Maggie in the mountains

And, while we cannot get enough of our beloved maggie in the mountains, if you do eat fish, don’t hestitate from trying this one out!

Planning to visit Barot Valley? We carry out trips to Bir and Barot Valley, get in touch if you’d like to join us someday! 🙂

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