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This Tree House Resort Near Mumbai and Pune Is The Perfect Escape You Need!

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So, what’s your visualization of the monsoon season? Do you picture going for long drives somewhere in the lush green lands? Do you think of splashing about in trickling waterfalls? Does your heart sing at the thought of letting the monsoon made mist come and hug you? Or do you just want to curl up with a kadak chai and an even more kadak conversation? There are one too many emotions attached with the monsoon season. And if you are experiencing it in Mumbai or Pune, then chances are that either you yourself or one of your friends has come up with the idea of heading off to Lonavala. Be it Maggie at Tiger’s Point, driving about its cloudy existence or returning to one of its ancient forts, Lonavala has retained for itself the crown of being the prime weekend getaway destination from these cities. Its where everyone heads off to. But at the same time, that very fact has made it too crowded in recent years. And sigh, we Mumbaikars have resorted to other options but our hearts still tug for good old Lonavala. So, how about finding an escape that leads you through Lonavala but somewhere a little further away enough to not be bombarded with flocks of tourists? And how about making it a visit to a treehouse?!

Ah okay, my dear Mowglis and Tarzans, we aren’t talking about a treehouse where you’re pelting out at the top of your lungs. We’re talking about a treehouse that has stepped out of the shower of swankiness and plunges right into the plush life. So, if your modern-day Mowgli enjoys himself the luxe life, then this sprawling property is the getaway carefully crafted for you. They say that this is the result of a dream coming to life. A dream of creating a space that was “wooded, peaceful and serene” and that’s how the Machan Treehouse Resort was born.

How to reach: Fly down to Pune or Mumbai and then catch a bus till Lonavala. From Lonavala hire a taxi till the hotel. Or else you can simply drive down yourself after renting a car.

Best time to visit: mid-May to August

Approximate Cost: Rs.12,000 and above

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Source: http://www.natgeotraveller.in/forest-stay-the-machan-lonavla/

At the Machan, we’re not just selling you a room. We’re in the business of curating experiences that last a lifetime”; these are the words that this premier property believes in and also lives by. They deliver on these very words in their functioning.

There are some rooms on the ground level as well. But if you’re looking to taste the treehouse life then you ought to opt for one of the machans. They maintain their experience of providing people an escape by limiting the number of rooms and guests. You can opt from amongst their Sunset Machan, Forest Machan, Jungle Machan, Canopy Machan and the most luxurious (thus, also the most expensive) one of them all, the Heritage Machan. Each of them has been tastefully in order to cater to the theme designated to it. Some look out at specific views, while others have interiors to set the desired mood. You can laze in a room with the most goregous net canopy or lay in a hammock with the scenic Sahyadris surrounding you for as far as you can see.

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Source: https://www.booking.com/hotel/in/the-machan.en-gb.html?aid=356980;label=gog235jc-1DCAsobEIKdGhlLW1hY2hhbkgzWANobIgBAZgBCbgBF8gBDNgBA-gBAYgCAagCA7gCwbqF-gXAAgHSAiQ3MjE3Nzg4YS1iZmRkLTRiMWQtOGY3My0yYTcwZDYxMjJlOTXYAgTgAgE;sid=cbaf0c11b958761e70deb8fa8fc7a40d;dist=0&keep_landing=1&sb_price_type=total&type=total&

Dip into baths set in the outdoors to make your time with nature as immersive as you like. Their limited capacity ensures that your privacy is well-maintained and protected and you can cleanse with a view unfurling before your eyes.

Further, you should take the time to walk around this green property and enjoy its well-maintained and well-groomed gardens. They have their own stretch of a 4kms long trail where you can take small and comfortable nature hikes. For the lucky ones this even presents a chance of spotting some birds with the naked eyes.

In the right season you shall even be greeted by the sight of blooming flowers. Although Lonavala in itself is a prized destination in the monsoon season because that is when the flowing water makes all its greenery and freshness come to life, you could still opt for a visit to this luxurious property whenever you please. In the other seasons the rest of Lonavala may not necessarily make for quite the treat. But the truth is that this resort is perched so prettily that it is cut off far away enough from the main city to enjoy a realm of its own, one that looks rather beautiful.

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Source: https://www.vervemagazine.in/travel-and-spaces/machan-green-getaway-lonavala

And if all this isn’t enough to leave you feeling relaxed or rejuvenated enough, then how about making a visit to their spa? After all, if you are adopting the luxurious life for this weekend, then may as well do it all the way, right? So, treat yourself to laying down, letting aromatherapy, acupressure and massages sooth you right into this way of life. They pride themselves for the treatment provided at their spa as considerable effort has been put in to ensure that that experience is also in as much proximity to nature as possible. How? They have a wooden cabin surrounded by trees and you can even hear the birds chirping as you go for your massage.

So, my dear Mowglis in luxurious attires, I hope an escape here is the luxurious weekend you desire!

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