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This Guy’s On His Own Trip: Trip Review

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Tripper name: Tanaya Chaudhuri

Trip: Bali May 4-12, 2019

Heey there pagal!

I don’t even know where to start!

How on earth do you make every moment of the trip so damn special! I could strangle you for taking all of us on a high through the 8 days and the unbearable drop so damn steep once you’re back home. How???

Booking each trip, I realize the destination never really mattered, all that mattered was you were leading them and I, taking a chance to know myself more.

It’s so hard to explain the transformation within, but I guess it doesn’t need any explanation as long as its good and makes you happy.

Like I always say, you create unbiased magic for each and every soul on the trip. Your ability to let a person bare his/her soul and walk out of the shell each and every day selflessly just leaves me in awe!

This journey was different. I have never let my guards down, I always had the choice to choose folks to whom I can be vulnerable around (I wouldn’t say I have had the greatest experience in the past) but this time it was different. The emotions flowed without a filter, without conscious. And I swear to God I have never been happier to have found support and love through most embarrassing of times.

As I climbed down that non obvious road to river, I had all the supportive hands to lead me down, but for some stupid reason I could trust only you and yet to figure out why.

Becoming a lil crazy, friendly, mindless, thoughtless, chill, adventurous, vulnerable, in love what ever you may call it- for me it’s plain magic.

Magic by Captain Neeraj 🙂

If I could be an iota of what you are (pixie dust :p), I would consider myself accomplished. I will keep coming back again and again for your company and to crack that magic trick of yours.

Cheers to all the dancing, gossiping, kicking under the table, bike rides, climbing down to the river, learning to swim, chickening out of scuba, making incredible friends and most importantly snoring away. 😀

Will always pray the best for you and love comes your way every single second. I will always be here, forever just a call and thought away. 🙂

This is it, I am walking into office with sore eyes from all the silly crying sprees and now writing this.

Kafi bol diya 😉

Lots of hugs and kisses and smiles your way.

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