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This Guy’s On His Own Trip Review: Trip Leader Sakshi Pant!

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This September, Sakshi went to Meghalaya with 17 mad trippers and they had the time of their lives. It was her first trip with Nishtha, who had already done Bhutan with us earlier. This is what Nishtha had to say after the trip:

❣️If you ever plan on traveling solo, she is the ideal trip leader you’ll have! She is a bundle of joy, happiness, entertainment & energy. There won’t be a moment when you feel lonely at the trip ( being a girl – she has definitely challenged all stereotypes! P.S do not hesitate even for a second while having her as your trip leader. Trust me, She has your back ❤️)

❣️A girl who can light up your day with her good morninggggg & heart warming smile ?

❣️She ensures that everyone in the group is equally involved in everything being done – right from day activities to the chitter chatter at night (trust me, this is something that makes the trip very special & unique)

❣️One hellva of girl, who understands the pulse of the situation & then responds – A much needed trait for a trip leader

❣️Her zeal & energy is unmatched. Despite being to the place on her earlier trips, she relives each moment with the group like it is her first (something that I personally admire about her)

❣️Her story telling sessions have everyone caught in rapt attention & her expressions are priceless.

❣️She is complete package – dancing, singing, running, trekking, bak-bak etc.. she knows it all

❣️She ensures that you feel rejuvenated & refreshed everyday!

❣️She lets her trippers enjoy every moment without it making seem like an organised tour – something which is very very rare in organised tours

❣️Her never give up attitude – ensures that you have had the best of the experience without anything being compromised

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