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This Guy’s On His Own Trip Review: Trip Leader Sakshi Pant

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Ashutosh Panda travelled with Sakshi Pant to Bhutan. He fell in love with the Land of the Thunder Dragon, for its beauty and its nature. He went on to say how that the journey was made better with the friends he made along the way. This is what he had to say about the trip:
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Returned after a week of exploring the land of the thunder dragon – Bhutan. Took a few more days for its raw beauty to sink in and I am left in awe of the place – serene atmosphere, majestic mountains?️, clean roads and unspoiled culture  – untouched by modernity.
A journey is always better with friends.
Only this time, we were strangers to each other till the first few hours in Bhutan. Then started an endless ride of pulling each others’ legs, cracking jokes and serious discussions. We indulged in snowball fights☃️, supported each other in difficult times during the trek and sang unheard-of Hindi songs ?
Somewhere along the way, we got to know each other better, respected each other’s beliefs and an unspoken bond grew and bound the twenty of us together. It is then I understood how strangers are only friends we haven’t met yet.
However to have a perfect experience, everyone needs to be on the same page.
It takes some confidence and courage to take responsibility of people known to you, but infinitely more so to bind a group of complete strangers together and lead them.
Here we were fortunate to have our friend and trip leader  – Sakshi Pant . From ensuring our many small demands ? getting fulfilled to supporting us during our steep ascent to the Tiger’s Nest monastery, she dealt expertly with each task. She was always positive, had this great smile throughout the trip and connected with us so well that it felt like we always had a friend who would listen to us.
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The best part of this trip came during the long bus ? journeys – Sakshi pulled out her repertoire of fun games: S&T, dumb charades and contact ( a game where I managed to annoy all my fellow trippers?; no regrets – will do the same at the next opportunity).
Loved the late evening rapid fire antakshari and her fun stories about the many other trips she led before.
I feel blessed that I met such great people and formed lifelong friendships with them. Hats off to you Sakshi for pursuing what you love??
Would love to do many more trips with you and This Guy’s On His Own Trip!
Trip Leader Sakshi Pant Trip Leader Sakshi Pant
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