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This Guy’s On His Own Trip Review – Trip Leader Sakshi Pant

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Hey, now you listen.

Our vacation would not have been half as exciting if we did not have a trip leader as experienced and friendly as you. You took us to places we hardly had any idea about. It would not have been possible for us to experience Ladakh the way we did, bashing ATVs in the sand dunes of Nubra, camping in Ule, to be as crazy and gazing at shooting stars when it was freezing cold at Pangong lake, not missing an opportunity to face dip in every stream, goosebumps in Kargil, watching cute little marmots jump out of their pits, rafting and jumping into the freezing cold Zanskar river and to learn about the heritage and culture of the places like Darchik. You and this trip will be etched out in my memories. Our vacation was totally worth the time on it because we explored so much new.

Even after coming back from our trip, I cannot get certain things of the trip out of my mind. Not posing for photoshoots, Not sleeping at 4 am, not playing games, not laughing like crazy and not having deep conversations about life to gain new perspectives is difficult. Not waking up to all faces is difficult. Not playing music for everyone is difficult.

This trip was more than just a vacation. I made nothing but memories in the last few days while you as our leader made sure that those memories were only happy ones.

Thank you, Sakshi and On his own trip. You have my heart.

Au Revoir. ❤️

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