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This Guy’s On His Own Trip Review : Trip Leader Sakshi Pant

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Vidhi Shah travelled with Trip Leader Sakshi Pant to Kashmir and absolutely loved her experience. This is what she had to say about her and the New Year trip!

Well  this trip really happened by chance .It was a choice between Andaman and Kashmir and since i had already been to Kashmir.. Andaman was my first choice . this was my first kinda solo trip with random people.. whatever the term maybe.

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I have always been an extrovert but like always had my doubts about what will it be like visiting the same place again.. should i have gone some place else.. so again for anyone wanting to go solo but like me dont have the courage or maybe just not yet,This Guy’s On His Own Trip  is the place to be..and trip leader Sakshi Pant where do i even begin.. she is literally the most energetic person i can think of after Ranveer Singh offcourse .. she is a ball of energy..

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Kashmir is about so much.. the shikara rides.. the chinar trees .. u can find your own leaf and write a letter  to your very  own Shahrukh.. (ek ladki thi deewani se. ek ladke pe toh marti thi -reference –  Mohabbatein ) .. sorry the bollywood keeda in me deviates from the topic.. about this trip..I loved kashmir for evrything ..for the flowing rivers , the shikara ride , the beautiful valleys, the quaint cafes , the frozen snow, the gorgeous pine trees.. moreover this all felt surreal .. sometimes its not only about the place but about the people .. about the 22 unknown people i met on the trip.. seems like have known you guys since forever .. the mad bollywood antakshari.. the beautiful walk in the snow.. the dark room , the cards , the late night talks, the never have i ever game , Mafia, the bonfire nights , the snow fights. This trip offered everything that was needed.. and its is because of Sakshi.. she pushes you to do things beyond your imagination..

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She will participate in every madness and be her mad self rather then stopping you ..She makes sure evryone on the trip is enjoying.. She climbs mountains and motivates you to do the same  like its the easiest thing to do.. she literally reads people who are introvert and doesnt let anyone feel left out.. on his own trip was a leap of faith and I am so glad i took it.. if you feel u are ready or not so ready  I still tell u to take it..one trip with Sakshi and i am sure there is no stopping you.. Sakshi thank you for making my bollywood dream come true .. Love ️you forever . cheers to many more trips.

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