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This Guy’s On His Own Trip Review: Trip Leader Niyati Saxena

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Niyati Saxena just got back after leading a trip to Vietnam, and one of the trippers Arpitha had to say this about the trip:

things to do in Pub street, Siem Reap

From the time I got back from the trip, i have been meaning to write this mail. I was really skeptical of how the trip would turn out to be given every time i have taken organised trip, it usually used to be some touristy places and limited time over there just to cover everything that place offers. Everything used to be predefined and had no space for fun or anything spontaneous which made them extremely boring.
Cat Ba Beach Sunset
With Niyati, it was a beautiful experience. She knew exactly the places to cover that were mesmerizing and the same time, not miss out on anything fun. The trip had so much flexibility to try new things we wanted or not. I remember when one of our team mates struggled with a trek, Niyati stood next to them helping on every step and motivating them. She didn’t have to but it did raise respect for her in our eyes. Whether it was food, whether it was beach time or something else, we always had a choice to spend how much ever time we can we want to and that’s what make the trip fun. The planning of trip was done really well keeping all age groups in mind and i can’t thank her enough for that. When she took into account that people would rather spend time in room than partying and so, moved towards room games so that they feel comfortable, i realised we have been lucky to have someone so accommodating.
Hoi An night life
This is the first time you guys have planned Vietnam and I felt it gave an edge to the trip since the learning experience was similar for her and us. And with the confidence she pulled everything off, I don’t think anyone of us could that even with a month of practice.
I am glad I joined you guys for this and will surely join for many more. And it would be icing on the cake if all of those are lead by Niyati. She has earned herself a huge fan.
Thank you for this memorable trip.
On his own trip review
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