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This Guy’s On His Own Trip review: Trip Leader Neeraj Narayanan!

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In August, Captain Nero spoke at the Dyu Art Cafe in Bangalore about his stories to a packed audience.
Sharing some of the sweet messages we received after the event.
Shrilakshmi Hegde (travelling with Cap’n Nero to Auli, this December):
Hello Captain
Thank you for an amazing evening last Friday at Blore! I am short of words how it felt to listen to your experiences. I surely had goosebumps and lil wet eyes at the end of it. There are very few who actually have the capability to make others virtually live through the stories they tell which feels so real and you are undoubtedly blessed !  I felt like I had been to all the trips with you and know each one of those characters from your stories. Maggie reminds me of those Kashmiri kids now, parata reminds me of the Delhi boys, so does gifts of that shy guy! It wasn’t just story sharing but life lessons in simplest form. Thanks a lot for spreading the good vibes. Hopefully someday in future I get to travel with you and create such stories!!
Wish you best of everything always 🙂
Shaheen Sultana (travelled with us in 2018 to Himachal):
Hey Neeraj!
I had been following your page on fb and insta and finally heard you  share your experiences today in person with so much zeal. Can’t tell you how fascinated I am by your stories! It amazes me beyond words how you did it all. While you shared your perspective about every trip being special coz of the small moments, in that capitan cap, and everyone listening to you in awe and apt attention, made me feel that stories and experiences can be so powerful to create an impact in others’ lives! I’m so grateful that I could attend this event and I hope to come on a trip with you some day real soon ! You are way too awesome!
Thank you for such an amazing evening!
– Fan girl
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