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This Guy’s On His Own Trip Review: Trip Leader Neeraj Narayanan

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Tripper Varsha Roy accompanied Captain Nero on his group trip to Wayanad in October 2020. She had a blast and got to explore her new side on the trip. Heh, she loved it so much that she even extended the trip for 2-3 more days. This is what she had to say after the trip! 🙂

This Girl on her First trip!

It was a bleak September afternoon, as I was contemplating to go for a solo trip to Manali in October that I stumbled upon a small post notification from This Guy’s On His Own Trip.
Something about Into the Wild magical trip to Wayanad, India!
I sat there chewing my nails, what to do? Do I go for that secluded homestay I found in Manali, or do I dare to come out of my comfort zone and travel with a group of strangers to a far off place in Kerala?
I can’t really put my finger on it, but something happened and I decided to go for Wayanad. With Neeraj Narayanan.
Probably the best decision I’ve made in 2020. Why so?
Well, let’s see.
The woman who boarded the early morning flight on 16th Oct, was a cynical person, mistrusting of this world and the people in it.
The woman who came back found the light that was needed to guide her back to the laughs she deserved.
So no, this was not just a trip to a new place, but a journey to find love, laughter and trust amongst strangers.
best group trips in india
I’ll be complete unabashed while saying that this transition was made possible by Neeraj!
To witness the compassion he has for everyone, be it all the trippers, or the hotel boys or the aunty selling her food at the roadside joint; it’s been an experience!
For him, it’s not just about seeing new places, but to drown in the place and letting go of yourself. Its about being comfortable and okay in your own vulnerability, it’s about letting people in and learning to trust again.
The first trip after months of staying at home and I feel fresh, rejuvenated with only positivity inside of me!

Now that all these are said, can we start discussing about the next trips? ?

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