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This Guy’s On His Own Trip review: Trip leader Neeraj Narayanan

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In June 2017, Vidhi Shah accompanied Captain Nero on a beachy trip to Bali. She had a blast there and made beautiful memories with the entire group. This is what she had to say after the trip:

The Final goodbye at the airport -this one was really difficult – barely a week into the trip and while saying goodbye I had tears rolling down my cheeks -that’s wen I knew that #this guy had really made #thistrip very very special .. Bali -Gili islands were amongst the most romantic places in the world and wen I decided to book a trip here my friends kept asking me y was I going as a bachelor to these romantic destinations which is otherwise usually a couples paradise ..and then I happened to come across this guys neros page .. filled with testimonys and pictures of the beautiful trips he had done over the years .. I feel so happy to have made the decision and finally chosen Bali. So about this trip I guess it wasn’t more of the place but the people I had along .. if it wasn’t for them I guess Bali wouldn’t have been etched in my memory forever .. Nero -he is the most humble guy I have ever met (gosh no he is so full of himself ???) but he is the most amazing trip leader one can ever have .. he does everything possible to make everyone comfortable .. he makes sure no one feels left out ..since there were a couple of solo travelers on this trip I think as a leader it was his effort and friendly nature that connected everyone so well .. while v were departing it all felt like one big group .. from the random games .. to the stripping captain .. (I should share this video ) to lazy afternoons .. from sunsets to sunrises .. from sleeping under the stars to waking up to mountains this trip had it all .. and it was this guy who made it possible .. so many people I want to thank .. Divanshee -for her crazy dance moves , Ayush -for his gyaani talks , karan -for his funny Snapchats, Abhishek -for his awesome photography,Neha -for a calm friend wen I needed someone to talk to , maya -for her amazing songs ,ulfet -for her witty one liners , Sahas -if it wasn’t for u I wouldn’t have completed the trek , Khushi -for being such a cute kid , sonal – for always being so positive about finding hot guys , Aarti -for being one of the best friends I could find on this trip .. for all my adventures I guess I want to thank you and at last Captain Nero – thank you for making this happen .. thank you for being such a sport .. thank you for being so patient and calm and tolerating us all .. I look forward to many more trips With you .. keep doing what u do best .. be a great trip leader … do travel with
#thisguysonhisowntrip and you will have a trip full of memories …love love love ????

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