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This Guy’s On His Own Trip review: Trip leader Neeraj Narayanan

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Trip leader Neeraj Narayanan

During Christmas 2019 Captain Nero and Sakshi led a trip to Rajasthan. The group would stay up late each night, playing games, having conversations and making memories. Jaspreet Kaur sent Captain Nero this heartwarming message after the trip.

“Hey buddy

I want to let you know that You are the most amazing person I have come across in my life. Your capability to see people beyond the surface and read their eyes, body language and soul is spectacular. The happiness and love you spread among others and the way you could make any soul feel pleasant about themselves and the way you treat every single human in the most special manner is adorable.

I have never felt that I am beautiful or the people coming across me could perceive me as the pleasant person but you made me feel this way and now I am also trying to evolve my perception about myself and coming to the conclusion that light which I am looking outside, actually resides inside me only. My only regret is why I didnt record our last conversation?

I don’t know when we will meet again or even if we will meet at all or not ; but your impact shall stay with me forever.

My best wishes for you that the love and happiness which you spread around keeps coming back to you multiplied by infinity.

And please keep doing what you are doing because you never know which human needs you and your warmth in their life to grow and evolve.

Loads of love and tight hugs.✨”

On his own trip review

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