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This Guy’s On his own trip review: Trip leader Neeraj Narayanan

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Last year for the first time a foreigner travelled with On his own trip. Surpassing language barriers, he not only travelled but also bonded with the group. Here’s what he had to say about his trip:

On his own trip review

“One of the top 3 if not #1 highlight of my India trip was the 3 days I spent with 16 complete strangers whom I didn’t even share the same language or culture.

Respect and consideration: you all spoke English around me when all together.

Kindness: you showed me a type of grace and hospitality that I nor anyone I know in the hospitality industry has ever seen or felt before.

Friendship: each of you approached me before I could approach you.

These qualities exist in every human being and in every culture, but given the fact that we didn’t know each other and I was the only white boy, you made me feel more at home than I often do in my own city.

And for that feeling and for that experience I am eternally grateful. U have no idea the impact you each made individually and as a groupon my life in such short amount of time.

I feel blessed, thank you!

On his own trip review

And the best for last, to the man who made this possible, who is essentially the link in the chain, who clearly lives for the adventure, strives for the uncomfortable and encourages other to do the same in order to bring 16 unknowns together to feel like family with just 72hrs…Capt. Nero..you’re a hero.

You deserve all the praise and recognition and then some moving forward. Not sure what to say to say Thank You…but I’ll tell you this:

Any professional guide can read map, compass, ski down a hill, navigate a bumpy road on a bike, jump out of a plane, or kayak down a river…hardskills – they can all be taught. But not every guide can develop and foster a HUMAN CONNECTION. No one can teach this. No professor, coach, professional guide with twice the experience, You can not teach personality, compassion, love, friendship, kindness, consideration. You either have it or you don’t. In essence, it’s a gift.

Neeraj, my friend…you have a gift. I studied you on the trip, from one guide to another, and you are effortless in your delivery. You could make friends with innate object, something that doesn’t even breath.

Keep on your path, spread your natural talent. Continue to not just ‘guide’ people, but connect people. The results are unbelievably powerful.

I wrote this message to the group for a reason. Not just to pump up Neeraj, but all of you. I can’t go into every detail of each of you in some exemplified the human connections I look for when I travel, but believe me when I say you all have a special something outside of your education, outside of your work, you all have passion, you all have a enviable zest and happily disposition that made me smile consistently in private and feel fortunate for my own life. All of you are yonger than me, but all of you also have an old soul. You live by feeling, singing, dancing, sharing, laughing and engaging. Stay your course, you each have a bright future.

Never settle, and always stay hungry.

I will never forget any of you and short time we spent together. My sincerest thanks and best wishes for the future.

Now that I am home I will slowly be sending each of you all media/pics and videos I have of you, either privately or in the group chat.

Please be patient with me, I will eventually get you your special moments.

Stay in touch!


On his own trip testimonial

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