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This Guy’s On His Own Trip review: Trip Leader Harsh Chhadva!

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In January this year, Harsh lead a trip to Kedarkantha. Chandrima Paul was a tripper and here’s what she had to say:
This Guy's On His Own Trip reviews
Dear Harsh,
The much awaited trip is over and i really need to tell you something. In the past 33 years of my life, i have met a lot of people and only a handful of them have created an impact on my life. N u r definitely one of them. You are so full of life that you spread that vibes to everyone around you. You light up every room and lift up every single person around you. Sometimes only your presence makes everyone happy. I read somewhere that “If you wanna know a person or a friend, better, then you must travel with them”. This was my second trip with you where you lead the trip and I’m so happy that i couldn’t ask for more. Although i know you only for 4 months, you are one of the close friends with whom i have shared most of my secrets with and I’m sure you’d keep them safe with you. The crazy 2 trips and a few days in Mumbai together has a hell lot of memories and i absolutely loved being crazy with you every single day.
You change people but you don’t let people change you. And don’t ever let them. Never let any single person come in your life and make you believe that you ever have to be more of anything cz you’re already more than many of us combined.
And i know you will never see yourself in the way that i have written here but just know that i see it in you every time. Its why you deserve the world. Because you change it.
I never thought i would have done rafting or a cliff jump or ride on top of a traveller on those deadly roads if you weren’t there. You can figure out how much i trust you. Lot of my fear/inhibitions are gone because of you and i feel myself Blessed that i have met you. You are one of the best person i have met in my life. Just want you to know, you have got a friend for life. Anytime you need a friend, I’m just a call or a flight away.
On His Own Trip reviews
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