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This Guy’s On His Own Trip review: Trip Leader Harsh Chhadva

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Princey Wilkins went to Kedarkantha in 2019 and absolutely loved the trip. Here’s what she had to say about our trip leader Harsh Chhadva:


From Trek Leader to a Friend and Partner-In-Crime

First things first, there is something special that distinguishes a Trek LEADER from a Trek Guide or Host. A trek ‘leader’ is not only someone who ensures your safety and well-being on a trek, but also someone who makes certain that you’re a part of the greater journey, he/she is someone who makes it count for you. And Harsh, in its true sense is the personification of being a wondrous leader!

Having had absolutely zero experience in Himalayan trekking, deciding to go on a winter Himalayan trek alone was nothing short of crazy. But none of this skepticism mattered because of the sheer fact at how supportive Harsh was from day one when he emailed us on ‘how to prep for the trek’ to when we reached our respective homes.

CRAZY, supportive, a true softie, goofball and a bundle of energy are not barely words put together, they’re Harsh for you. He legit has the ability to make things work even when the whole situation says otherwise. He can make you laugh even at the most uncertain of times. He can burst out dancing when you feel there is no more you can push. He is everything and more that you can ever ask from not just a trek leader, but a friend.

I’mma not gonna mention all the bizarre and crazy things we’ve done throughout the trip. Let’s save you some trouble Harsh! 😛 This Guy’s On His Own Trip you guys have hit Gold!

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